Who can we turn to for honest reviews when it comes to credible information about vaping e-cigs from vape online store? Maybe Jamie Hartman-Boys, Senior Research Fellow, Department Lecturer and Director of the Doctor of Evidence-Based Medicine programme at Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.

She recently commented on misinformation surrounding tobacco harm reduction products: “There are many reasons why misconceptions about the safety of e-cigarettes persist, and much of the discussion about e-cigarettes has focused on the risks to young non-smokers. The potential benefits to smokers, and those around them, are often overlooked.”

She released a paper titled “Balancing the risks and benefits of vaping.” It takes into account randomized controlled trials and population studies that examine actual risks to adolescents and unintended consequences for adult smokers if VAPE use is restricted or banned.

The authors note that while there is evidence that e-cigarettes are currently increasing quit rates, if the public health community is serious about the potential of e-cigarettes to help adult smokers, smokers get accurate The potential impact on smokers is likely to be greater if the policy takes into account the potential impact on smokers. But that didn’t happen”.

Jamie added: “Research shows that nicotine disposable vapes can help people who need it to quit smoking, and may be more effective than nicotine replacement therapy in some ways. Meanwhile, in studies testing whether e-cigarettes are a safe way to quit smoking, researchers found no evidence that people who use e-cigarettes are more prone to health problems. Also, in a series of other studies, e-cigarettes have been found to pose less risk to bystanders.

In addition, it is also worth considering that the nicotine contained in e-cigarettes is different from the tobacco in ordinary cigarettes. Nicotine is inherently an addictive ingredient, but tobacco contains more toxic chemicals, including formaldehyde, benzene and arsenic. From current research, these substances cause cancer and lung disease. And, it is worth mentioning that the harm of cigarettes mainly comes from the burning of tobacco. Conversely, e-cigarettes can deliver unhealthy nicotine without burning anything. “

She conceded that people do have concerns about the effects of smoke components and the effects of long-term smoking, but this is balanced against the benefits of quitting smoking.

“What we do know is that smoking disproportionately harms people from vulnerable groups, including those from low-income groups and people with mental health problems. Smoking is not only associated with many harmful diseases, it also kills more than COVID-19. More people – About 720,000 people in the U.S. have died from smoking since March 2020. The evidence we have so far suggests that e-cigarettes can be an effective way to help people successfully quit smoking, and may be healthier than cigarettes Much less risk.”

“When we communicate about the risks of vaping, we need to be clear about which vapers, who may be at risk, and who may benefit. The people who benefit most from vaping esco bars aquios, the people who smoke, have the right to receive accurate, based on Evidence information.”