Poison Ancestral Protector build is known to have been created by Kent Kuang in Path of Exile 3.21. This build is capable of killing Uber Sirus in 6 seconds with only a budget of 50 Divine Orbs.

How Build Work

So how does this build work? Why does Wilma’s Requital helmet allow it to convert its cast speed to attack speed? Especially after the player uses Wilma’s Requital, the attack rate will increase crazily and will be connected with Ancestral Bond. It is impossible for any poison build to achieve this. And it’s impossible to make it work with Poison plus Totem build.

But now with the helmet Wilma’s Requital, it’s possible to get Poison Totem build. Considering the cast rate in the attack speed, the helmet may become more broken. So it will hit Poison faster. One of the easiest ways to do this is to increase your hit count while having more base damage.

So the poison base damage is proportional to the physical and Chaos damage you apply. Only if your attack speed is fast enough, you will have Frenzy charges and increase attack hit rate. If you’re dealing with Chaos damage with a sufficient amount, it will apply a lot of poison to the character, and can even limit the poison points of uber bosses. So how should players play this build? Which components should be used?

Applicable Classes And Pros & Cons

I recommend Trickster, which is a versatile Hybrid Class. Since I’ve personally played Pathfinder in this league, I’ll see if the reworked changes make it better. But it’s still a good option.

Let me start with Trickster content. Trickster has an insane Energy Shield Recharge, which allows him to tank everything even when he has a lot of monsters. For example, in Simulacrum or Delirium maps or in Breaches, it will protect you from damage. At the same time, it also has a lot of Energy Shield Recharge and two Frenzy charges that can reduce damage for you. So Trickster would be more advantageous for this build. Trickster also makes your Frenzy charges last longer. If we stack longer your Frenzy Charges than Pathfinder, this will give you a smoother boss kill than Pathfinder.

But Trickster still has some disadvantages. Players must use Wither Totems when using the Trickster, as you cannot Wither on hit. But the newly reworked Pathfinder can. So you need to use Wither Totems or Withering Step. But I recommend using Wither Totems first. It will be more suitable for increasing effects and you must use Wither Totems at the beginning of the battle.

Basically, during the boss fight, you have to use another button for optimal damage. But you don’t need to do this at all if you’re using Pathfinder. The downside of Pathfinder is that Frenzy charges have a shorter duration, which will force you to get closer to the boss before using Frenzy charges. But it could cost you your life. Once the boss gets crazier, the less likely you are to survive.

So Trickster profession still has certain advantages. And Pathfinder has increased ability to hit Wither and Poison after the rework, especially if you can keep this unique Flask running, which tanks everything. At the same time, this unique Flask can turn your Energy Shield into an Eldritch Battery. This is also the primary way Pathfinder casts spells. This is not required if you are using Trickster.

How To Upgrade The Build

Because players need to use Wilma’s Requital for the build to be at its best. But once you fire it up, you can use the builds after you’ve done the action. I suggest that players start preparing closer to level 70 until you get to Wilma’s Requital. I recommend Poisonous Concoction, Toxic Rain or Chaos damage.

This way, you don’t need to use as many Orb of Regret over time. Although you still need to use a lot of Orb of Regret in the later stage, we will use them in more meaningful places. For example, if you’re playing a cold-based build, you’re going to have to use more Orb of Regret right where the league is. Still, it is necessary to invest in Orb of Regret.

Players can get enough Orb of Regret to help you get twice the result with half the effort when upgrading your build. If you want to speed up this process, just buy POE Currency directly at POECurrency.com, the best Path of Exile currency item selling store.

Crafting Guide

One toxic build that I suggest players can build for damage over time is Craft. If you want to use the Bows I recommend in Trickster patch, it will definitely help you use this weapon better. As long as I commit you enough, even facing a powerful boss is no problem. There are only six steps required to create this build.

In the first step, you need to get a Void Fang, after which you need to upgrade it to a round level 83. I suggest that it is best not to exceed level 84, which will be better for you to master.

The second step is to get an Essence of Zeal and enough POE Currency. When you use it to upgrade attack speed, the attack speed it provides is mandatory. The faster you attack, the more damage you deal with and the more poison you have. This is also our building goal, which is why using acceleration is a very good extension of the build.

The third step you need to get tier 1 or tier 2 of damage over time. Note that this is not Chaos damage over time, this is Suffix damage over time. You need to hit it with Essences you get. I recommend leaving both Prefixes blank after clicking, as you’ll need to move on to a better selection.

In the fourth step, we are going to use chaos from Harvest. It will give our claws basic chaos damage. So if we’re going to have two base chaos damage, this will increase our attack speed and base hit rate. This build could be even stronger once we get tier 1 or tier 2 base damage. You must keep these Suffix, so it is very important not to forget them.

The next step is basically to put them on a Crafting Bench. When you use Hunter Slam, it blocks and gives you resistance penetration. But you still have chances of failure along the way.

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In the last step, you either use it, or the item will be invoked, depending on whether you need it now. As long as you get it, you’re sure to be able to buff your Chaos damage over time.

That’s all there is to know about Poison Ancestral Protector Build in Path of Exile 3.21. Hope it can help players complete this build more smoothly. Good luck to all players.