What Is Percentage?

The word ‘percentage’ means out of 100. In other words, the percentage is a relative quantity that represents the hundredth part of any quantity. The percentage formula is always represented by the symbol (%). 1% means the hundredth part of any quantity, 100% represents the entire part of any quantity, 200% means twice the given quantity.

For example, 1% of 1000 eggs is equal to 1000 or 10 eggs, or 50% of 1000 eggs is equal to 1000 or 500 eggs. This relationship can be represented with . Here, T is the total quantity chosen to represent 100% and is the quantity equivalent to a given quantity percentage P of T. Therefore, in the above example of 1% of 1000 eggs, the value of T is 1000, P is 1, and ‘x’ is calculated as 10.

Percentage Formula

The formula used to calculate percentage is given as:

P =  100.

Let us understand how to use the percentage formula with an example.


There is a total of 200 students in a class. Out of them, 120 are girls. Find the percentage of girls in a class.


Total number of students in a class = 200

Total number of girls in a class = 120

Percentage of girls = 100.

Placing the values in the above formula, we get

= 100

Percentage  girls in the  class = 20%

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How To Write Percentage In Decimal?

To write a percentage in decimal form, simply divide the given percentage by 100.

For example:

  • 50% = = 0.5
  • 20% = = 0.2
  • 1% = = 0.01

How To Convert Decimal Value In Percentages?

To convert decimal values into percentages, simply multiply the given decimal value by 100.

For example:

  • 5 = 0.5 100 = 50
  • 2 = 0.2 100 = 20
  • 1% = 0.1 100 = 10

How To Write Percentage In Fraction?

To write a given percentage value in a fraction, simply place the percentage value over the denominator of 100 and divide it in the lowest possible form.

  • 50% = = = 0.5
  • 20% = = = 2
  • 10% = = = 0.01

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