Nails are a vital part of the human body. It plays an important role in beauty with the color of pink and white nails. The pink and white nails are shown specifically attractive in females.

What do pink and white nails mean?

Pink and white nails also have a second name named French Tips. There are white tips in pink and white nails based on the pink nail base. A white tip is typically added to the nail, covering it with a gel or acrylic powder to catch the result.

The base color may be different instead of pink. There is not a restriction of colors in polishing. But we are today talking about pink and white nails, so here we will discuss the method and working of pink and white nails.

French nails have their white tips with a pink base, and about more than two halves of the nails are pink in shading while the rest of the nail, also known as a tip, is white. The pink and white nails are shaped. Their tips are flat and have corners at both ends of the nails. Most women have square-shaped nails, but a few also have rounded-shaped pink and white nails.

How long do pink and white nails last?

The pink and white nails normally last from three to four days, but if the person with pink and white nails does nothing in hard work, it may last till seven days. In some cases, you can also increase their lifetime if you take care of them. You have to use thin but clear nail polish to secure them. In this way, the lifetime of pink and white nails increased.

How should you do pink and white nails?

Here are some tips and steps to do the pink and white nails. First of all, your nails should dry. The wet nails are weaker and have less absorber, so the polish does not grip the nail firmly. The nails should be neat and clean so that the base coat shows a clean appearance. Now take a smooth but soft sponge and apply a thin layer of nail varnish over the nail.

Next, you have to take the makeup sponge and put a pink polish over the flat surface of the nail. Avoid doing pink polish at your nail tips. Here at the tips of the nail, just put a coat of white polish. At last, you have to apply some additional coats of nail polish to make it thicker and more beautiful.

So, pink and white nails are part of modern fashion. If we talk about the market price, they are not very expensive or cheaper. The pink and white nails are time-consuming work, so their price may be slightly higher, but everyone can afford it. Learn more about fashion and style trend news on best fashion blogs.