When it comes to hair extensions, there are three main types: pre-bonded, tape-in, and clip-in. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it can be difficult to decide which is the best option for you. Perhaps you’re just discovering the world of extensions and are trying to figure out which type is right for you. Or maybe you’re already using one type but are interested in exploring other options. Either way, this guide will help you understand the key differences between pre-bonded, tape-in, and clip-in extensions.

Pre-Bonded Extensions

Firstly, these are also known as fusion extensions, and they are applied by bonding the extension strand to your natural hair with an adhesive. The advantage of this method is that, when done correctly, the extensions can last for several months without requiring any maintenance. Furthermore, they are also less likely to cause any damage to your natural hair.

The main downside of pre-bonded extensions is that they can be quite expensive. Additionally, if they are not applied correctly, they can cause a lot of damage to your natural hair. For those who like flexibility, pre-bonded extensions may not be the best option as they can be quite difficult to remove.

Tape-In Extensions

Next, we have tape-in extensions. As the name suggests, these extensions are applied using double-sided tape. The advantage of this method is that it is much less damaging to your natural hair than other methods, such as glue or sewing. Additionally, tape-in extensions are also quite affordable.

In terms of the application process, tape-in extensions are applied by sandwiching a small section of your natural hair between two extension strips. The tape used is non-toxic and gentle on your hair, so you don’t have to worry about any damage.

However, the downside is that they can be quite difficult to remove and may cause some damage to your hair. Once again, you don’t have much freedom – you can’t just take them out and put them back in whenever you want. They also tend to slip out, which can be annoying.

Clip-In Extensions

Finally, we come to the most flexible and easy-to-use type of hair extensions: clip-ins. Clip-in extensions are essentially small pieces of hair that are attached to your hair with a small clip. They are very easy to put in and take out, and you can even do it yourself. Whenever you want, you can just take them out and put them back in. This makes them great for people who want to experiment with their look or who want to have different looks for different occasions.

One potential downside to clip-ins is that they don’t last as long as the other types of extensions, but a high-quality product will still last you well. Some people also say that they don’t look as natural because the clips can sometimes be visible. Once again, you can allay these fears with the right product. Overall, clip-ins are a fantastic option if you want something easy to use and relatively low-commitment.

Which Should You Choose?

Well, that depends on a few things. If you want something that is going to give you a very natural look, then pre-bonded or tape-in extensions might be a better option for you. If you’re someone who likes to change up your look often or if you’re not looking for something permanent, then clip-ins might be a better option. Ultimately, the best thing to do is to talk to a professional that offers all options (like Hickenbrick Hair) and see which one they think would be best for you and your hair type!