We have been involved in this global pandemic long enough now to know that quarantine is seriously no joke! As the rules have changed ever so slightly as time has progressed, if you do happen to find yourself caught out with covid, we are here to save your isolation period and provide you with a quarantine to-do list. Stay tuned!

Binge Watch a TV Series

How could we not start our list with the most obvious activity to fall into once your eyes fixate on the two bold red lines, and jump onto your chosen streaming service? Whether it be Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or even Disney Plus, the options are endless! If you have never had the time in the past to sit down and dive into a series that you have always been interested in watching then now is certainly the time to do so. After all, you do sort of have unlimited time to do, well, nothing! However, watch that you do not fall into the trap of overindulging in the TV, that’s when the fun can start to become detrimental.

Do Some Gardening

Being stuck in isolation does not mean that you have to stop putting in work around the house. It means that you should put in more! With excess time spent within your property, now is the perfect time to tackle those jobs that you often forgot about when you were ‘free.’ Take a stroll out to your garden area and start there, after all, it is important to get fresh air even though you are in quarantine. Tackle jobs like weed pulling, grass cutting, and power washing. Trust us, you will notice an immaculate vibe straight away! Leave more difficult jobs until you are out of isolation, especially any professional work! Contact landscapers and gutter cleaners when you are free from covid to avoid infecting others!

Organise your Wardrobe

Ahh, another task that you probably constantly postpone, and don’t worry, we all do! Now that you have free time, tackle your wardrobe. This is probably a task that you have been meaning to do for a while but have never gotten around to, and trust us, a clear-out can seriously make you feel refreshed. Alongside feeling decluttered, clearing your wardrobe is also a great money-making opportunity. Why not sell your old clothes online to make some extra money on the side? Using platforms such as Depop, eBay, and Vinted will provide you with the chance to do just that!

Make a Scrapbook 

Scrapbooks are great ways to look back on memories and fun times you had in the past, however, it’s creating them that can be the difficult part. As you are unable to leave your home, you may need to order the scrapbook essentials online to your home, and if you already have pictures at hand, then this is half the battle. Nowadays, everything can be done online, so browse the web to find an ideal scrapbook, and art and craft materials that will assist with the creation making your project as unique and personalised as possible.

Have a Quarantine Party

If you do happen to be fortunate enough to be in isolation with others, for example, family or friends, then having covid does not mean that you need to rule out the fun. Depending on how unwell you happen to feel, a small party can be the perfect way to perk everyone up. When the weekend approaches in isolation, get everyone together. Your party could be anything from a chilled-out game party or a party that revolves more around alcohol and music; however, what we do know is that it will certainly take the monotonous feel of your isolation period away.

Have a Spa Day

Add an impromptu spa day to your quarantine to-do list to make your day feel a whole lot more relaxed. When in isolation, it is normal for your days to all feel like they are merging into one. If you do happen to find yourself in a routine of wearing the same pyjamas for three days in a row, refreshing yourself may be just what the doctor ordered. Thankfully, to have a spa day you probably have everything you need already. Nail polish, body scrubs, face masks, just take a trip to your bathroom and you should hopefully find everything you need!

Learn Something New 

Your quarantine to-do list should not just consist of searching the web and different social media platforms endlessly, it is time to make use of all of your free time! Utilise your resources and use Google to perhaps learn a new language or skill that may benefit you at a later date, you never know when it could be of use! Thankfully, Google is an unlimited platform and several courses that you come across may even be free!