As a homeowner who wants to maintain an aesthetically pleasing landscape, you want to see all of your trees grow to be as healthy as possible. However, there are circumstances where you’ll have to remove a tree from your garden.

Let’s look at some of the common reasons to hire a tree service in Cumming company for tree removal.

  • The Tree Is Dead or Dying

Sometimes you can save a dying tree, but if it reaches a point where it cannot be salvaged, there’s no choice but to remove it. If your tree is no longer standing up straight, the bark is falling off, or it has suffered severe root damage, it could be dead or dying. A dead tree in your yard is an eyesore and a safety hazard. Not to mention, it can become a host to critters, which in turn could cause infestations around your home.

  • The Tree Is a Safety Hazard

If a tree grows to be too large with big overhanging limbs or branches, it can start to lean and become a serious safety hazard. A heavy storm can cause large branches to fall on your roof, or even worse, the whole tree could topple over. If a tree poses a fall risk, it makes sense to be worried about the risks associated with falling branches or a falling tree.

  • The Tree Is Diseased

Most tree diseases can be treated by professional arborists when caught early. However, a tree that’s infected with a fatal disease or a bug-infested tree that’s beyond saving will have to be removed. A diseased tree will only weaken over time and become a safety hazard. Besides, it may spread the disease or pests to other trees in your garden. It’s advisable to have a tree service in Cumming assess the condition of the diseased trees before you have them removed.

  • Poor Location

A tree isn’t going to stop growing or change its course because your home’s foundation, plumbing pipes, and power lines are in its way. It will keep growing regardless of its location. If a tree is located where its roots are posing a threat to your home’s foundation, sidewalks, plumbing pipes, and underground facilities, it may be time to call a professional tree service in Alpharetta and have it removed. A tree that seems to be growing into power lines should also be removed.

  • The Tree Is In the Path of a Construction

Maybe you’re planning to undertake a home improvement project, but there are trees in your way. When you find yourself in this situation, you’ll have no option but to call an experienced tree service in Cumming to help you remove the trees in the path of your construction.

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