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Whether you’re into downloading TV shows, movies, music or apps, there’s a torrent site for you. The Pirate Bay is one of the best, and is a good starting point. In addition to hosting the largest collection of torrents, it boasts a slick interface and a few other perks.

Another site worthy of a mention is the 1337x website. This is a bit more user-friendly and offers a good selection of movies and TV shows. They also have an impressive list of apps for Windows, Linux and Mac. The site has a solid user base, and the site-wide popups can be disabled with a little effort.

The Pirate Bay boasts a bevy of features, including a robust search engine, a well-organized site layout, and a plethora of categories to choose from. For the best experience, be sure to try out their mobile apps as well. One drawback, however, is the fact that it is banned in some countries, so keep that in mind before you head over.


Whether you are looking for the latest movie or just a classic, movie torrent is one of the easiest ways to download content. There are plenty of torrent sites available. However, some websites can provide better quality and faster downloads than others. Here are some of the best movie torrent sites for you to consider.

DivxTotal is an excellent movie torrent site. It has a wide selection of movies, including new releases and classic Spanish movies. It has a clean interface and a well-cataloged movie section. It also has a good collection of 3D and DVD movies.

Another movie torrent site, Pirateiro, is known for its large library of TV shows. Unlike other sites, Pirateiro offers new movies every hour. It is also known for its excellent library of lesser-known TV shows. Its user-friendly navigation makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

The most popular movie torrent site, YTS, is a niche-based torrent site. It is a well-organized and clean movie torrent library. It also offers a good collection of movie torrents, including new releases and HD 1080P movies. Its search engine is also very powerful and offers several options to customize search results. It has a variety of genres, including anime, manga, games, and music.


EZTV is a well-known TV show torrent site. This site has an active community that uploads new episodes of TV shows. The website also has a community tab, where users can check out the status of their favorite shows. In addition, users can view live countdowns for their favorite shows. EZTV has a clean interface that is easy to use, making it one of the best sites to download TV shows.

EZTV is also known for its high quality and selection of episodes. Users can also choose the resolution of the videos they download. The site also has an advanced search option, which allows users to filter search results. There are no popups and ads when using this site. The community also shows the air date of the next episode of a show.