Remove chocolate stains from clothes Eating chocolate is one of the greatest pleasures that our palate can feel. However, on some occasions and accidentally our clothes may get stained and when removing them, it can be a real headache.

Why is it so difficult to remove chocolate stains from clothes?

We know that chocolate is a food that is obtained by mixing various ingredients such as cocoa, sugar, milk, and butter, the latter being a greasy product that adheres to clothing and once it enters the fabric, it is difficult to remove it at the root using only water and detergent.

There are some fairly easy and quick techniques and tricks to remove these stains, taking into account the type of fabric. In this post, we show you some of them.

1. Remove chocolate stains from white clothes: It is quite common that when we decide to wear white clothes, some stain can ruin the moment. When we spill a drink or food such as chocolate, the most effective thing is to apply water with ammonia, leave it for 20 minutes and brush over the stain to later proceed to wash the garment.

Another trick is to apply glycerin and the yolk of an egg and let the mixture dry on the stain, then remove it with a bristle brush and you can put it in the washing machine. The stain will miraculously disappear.

2. Removing chocolate stains from cotton clothing: It is much easier on this type of fabric and this is because the spilled liquids and foods do not adhere deeply. That is why it is easier to remove them. A quick way is to pour soap and cold water directly, rub gently and wash.

3. Remove chocolate stains from delicate clothing: In these cases, we can use three basic products. The ideal is to use water, alcohol, and ammonia, and to apply it it will be necessary to place two cups of water in a container and add a tablespoon of alcohol, one of ammonia, then using a cloth, wet it in the mixture and place it on the stain. Finally, put the garment in the washing machine and the stain will disappear instantly.

4. Eliminate dry chocolate stains from clothing: If the stain has dried on the garment, it is best to gently remove it with a tool that scratches a little, but be very careful not to break the stain. cloth.

Once this procedure has been carried out, you can apply the aforementioned products and always take into account the proportions, since if used in excess they can cause irreparable damage to the different tissues.

5. Removing chocolate stains from dark clothing: If you accidentally spill chocolate on clothing in dark tones, you can use two very useful basic products such as water and ammonia, but avoid alcohol.

The correct way to proceed is by placing two cups of water and a tablespoon of ammonia in a very clean container and with the help of a cloth moistened with the mixture, apply directly to the stain, leave to act and then proceed to wash the clothes by hand. with plenty of water or in the washing machine.

With these simple tricks, you can get rid of chocolate stains just by applying some products that can be prepared at home and this is valid when any accident happens to you and you have already given up your clothing or bedding.

How to remove chocolate stains using other less abrasive products?

There are other products for your clothes that are not the most common, however, the result can be quite effective. One of them is to rub toothpaste directly on the stain and then place a little yeast, finally put the garment in the washing machine to remove the stain permanently.

Another homemade and 100% effective product is vinegar, which will not only help remove the stain but will also leave your white clothes spotless. They are homemade tricks used in the past and have always given very good results.

Some tips to remove the chocolate stain correctly

If you want to remove the chocolate stain most effectively, make sure you follow the following steps correctly:

  • When you are removing the stain, avoid touching other areas of the garment that may also be stained.
  • When ironing clothes that have been washed, it is necessary to check them well, since, if the stain has not disappeared, the heat may adhere it more to the garment.
  • If it is white clothes, you will have no problem applying the product to the entire garment so that the whitening is uniform.

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