On June 13, 2016, Sarah Bowmar (view Sarah’s net worth on Mr. Paparazzi) and her husband Josh were backpacking through British Columbia when they came across a black bear. As explained in an interview with Outdoorhub, Josh quickly approached the animal at it lay sleeping before stabbing it twice in the side with his spear. The bear’s agonizing shrieks can be heard throughout the footage, but the killing was not quick. The 13-minute video shows Josh hacking away at the bear, trying to end its life as quickly as possible. It took five minutes of stabbing until the animal stopped squirming and screaming.

Sarah’s reaction? She can be seen smiling in the corner of one shot, unfazed by her husband’s bloodied hands and knife. She said in the interview, “I guess I thought it was super cool that we were able to film the whole thing…he did such a good job”.

According to Sarah, this wasn’t their first kill. The couple has been hunting since 2010 and had killed an earlier bear that year using a compound bow and arrow. This time they wanted to see whether or not their spears would be more effective. She said they brought the spear specifically for bear hunting, as it is very sharp and can pierce through layers of fat and muscle with ease. By comparison, she claims an average knife is duller than deer antlers. wikibiofacts Famous Peoples Biography, Family, Net Worth

When the bear was finally dead they decided to pose with its body, photographing Sarah next to it in triumphant fashion. She told People Magazine that she wanted to use the images as further proof they were killing for sport and not just an easy meal.

“The bear died very humanely,” Josh said during the video. “I feel absolutely no remorse for him. He would eat us if he could.”

The couple’s most recent kill came to light this week when People Magazine published the photos of their proud faces towering over their prey, inciting outrage from animal rights groups. World Animal Protection condemned the images as “macho nonsense” and are now calling for a full ban on spear hunting in Canada.

“It’s a cowardly, sadistic sport,” said World Animal Protection in a tweet . ” Spear hunting is inhumane, unnecessary and has no place in the 21 st century.”

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