Scrum is a popular agile methodology used to manage projects and workflows. The scrum certification programs can help you earn a job as a scrum master, improve your skills, or just give you more insight into scrum itself. In this article, there will be explanations about what a scrum certification is, how they differ from other certifications, and how much they cost to get started with one.

What is scrum certification?

Scrum certification is a way to show that you have a certain level of knowledge and experience with scrum. It’s not required for anyone to become a Safe Scrum Master or team member, but it can help demonstrate your understanding of how the framework works. You can take this safe scrum-certified master courses online or in person at training events.

What are the different scrum certifications?

There are three different scrum certification tracks:

  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSP)
  • Professional Scrum Master (PSM).

Who should get a scrum certification?

Scrum certification is for anyone who wants to learn more about scrum and improve their knowledge of the program. If you’re an experienced developer or manager, this can be an excellent way to get up-to-speed on agile.

Scrum certification is also for people who want a job as a scrum master.

How much does a scrum certification cost?

The cost of scrum certification varies depending on the organization. Generally, scrum certification is less than $1,000 and can be obtained for free through many organizations. If an organization offers a free certificate for its training courses or certifications as part of its tuition fee, it may also include a scrum certification in that package.

Some companies offer discounts for groups who wish to complete multiple pieces of training at once; this may be worth investigating if your organization has more than one employee who needs training in Scrum or Agile practices.

How do you earn a scrum certification?

To earn a scrum certification, you must pass the CSM exam. The CSD exam is also required to become certified as an effective Scrum Master. Finally, if you want to get your CSPO certification on top of everything else, then you’ll need to pass both exams—the CSM and CSPO—to receive this honorific title.

Scrum is an agile methodology used to manage projects and workflows.

Scrum is an agile methodology used to manage projects and workflows. It’s not a process, but rather a framework for building products, which can be applied to almost any type of business or organization. Scrum originated as an alternative to traditional Waterfall development methods that require more time, money, and resources than they’re worth.

In today’s world where many companies are looking for new ways to increase efficiency while decreasing costs (and risk). 


Scrum certification is a great way to become a more valuable and respected member of the scrum community. It can help you gain access to projects, get more referrals from your peers, and even land a job in the future. If you’re interested in learning how to reapply for CSM exam, this article is your ultimate destination.

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