Today about half of the world’s Internet traffic is traffic that comes from various mobile devices, through mobile app downloads, such as bluechip betting app download. This trend has been ongoing since 2017. If we add to this the massive digitalization of business, the deployment of next-generation networks, the increased availability of mobile devices, and the increased capabilities of mobile operating systems, we can confidently predict an increase in the share of mobile traffic. And the gadget is always with you. It enables you to play at online casinos and make money anywhere in the world anytime without being forced to stay at any location.

Online gambling is no exception to these trends. Today, any reputable online casino simply has to work on mobile devices – smartphones or tablets. And there are two approaches to launching online casino games on mobile platforms. These are launching the game directly in a browser on the website page or doing it through a mobile app. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, which result from the technical features of the implementation of the above approaches.

Advantages of Playing in a Mobile App

Mobile apps are a real revolution in the interaction between the user and the online gambling provider. The technical capabilities of Android and iOS make it possible not only to replace the classic website but also to present a fundamentally different gambling experience.

Advantages of playing in a mobile app include the following:

  • responsiveness;
  • interactivity;
  • autonomy;
  • adapted interface.

Using the mobile app is not the same as playing on the website. Anyone who has ever compared these two ways of playing at online casinos can be convinced of this. Now let’s take a closer look at these advantages.


The fundamental difference between a website and a mobile app is that the app is performed directly in the operating system environment, while the website code is executed by the browser. In other words, to execute the site code, your phone has to open the browser and process the site code in it. Excessive processes in the execution of the code result in the fact that even if the interface of the website is similar to the application interface, the website will never be as fast, smooth, and responsive during the operation. Thus, a mobile app runs faster, looks prettier, and is much more enjoyable to interact with. 


Apps are literally a separate channel of interaction between the player and the online casino. Apps enable you to expand the functionality, to interact with other applications (for example, banking applications to replenish the bankroll). Therefore, a mobile app significantly expands the functionality and possibilities of gameplay. 


Mobile applications enable you to store additional data to facilitate interaction. For example, bank card details, and your personal data. It is also possible to use some features in the app without connecting to the Internet at all.

Adapted Interface

Mobile applications are designed specifically to work on touch-screen devices. That’s why their entire interface is designed for finger control from the very beginning. Apps support swipes, taps, and multitouch, all of which are simply impossible to implement in a browser. 

Combined with the high performance of native apps compared to browser pages, mobile apps are the best choice for online gambling. They are faster, prettier, and more diverse in terms of functionality than a website, even one adapted for mobile devices.

Advantages of Playing on the Website

Nevertheless, online casino platforms still have some advantages over mobile applications. 

  • versatility;
  • ease of use.

The main reason why various online casinos are in no hurry to part with the web version of their products and shift their activities to mobile applications instead is the absolute versatility of the web platform. Modern websites for online casinos such as are developed in HTML5, which is possible to run in absolutely any browser. This means that you can open a page from any device, play, and take advantage of all the features without any restrictions. In this case, the website will look the same on any device powered by any operating system, the differences will only be seen in desktop and mobile versions of the website.

The second advantage is the ease of use. Gamers do not need to install any software. In order to start playing and earning, they just need to go to the relevant page of the online casino website. After that, they can register, link up a bank card (or choose any other convenient method to perform financial transactions that is offered by the gambling establishment), and start playing. Moreover, many online casinos allow users to try their popular games for free in order to enable gamblers to master the game mechanics. Which means you don’t even have to go through the registration process. Just open your browser page and play.

So, Which One Is Better?

It’s important to understand that playing in the browser and the mobile app provides a slightly different gambling experience. It’s much easier to start playing in the browser and no additional software installation is required. However, apps are much faster, prettier, and more functional. 

If you haven’t tried an online casino mobile app yet, then you should definitely give it a try. A lot of things that you are already used to will work much better in the app. And since it works so much better, you’ll be less distracted by struggling with misclicks or searching with your finger for the active zones where to click. Which means you’ll be able to stay focused longer and earn much more. 

Therefore, a mobile app is your trusted gambling tool that will help you both have a lot more fun and earn more money. You can install a mobile casino app by downloading the installation file from the official website for Android or downloading it from the AppStore for iOS or iPadOS.