Your vacation will be considerably more liberating with a rental car. Additionally, it need not be expensive. Find simple strategies to save money when you rent a car.

1) Book early

Booking in advance is the simplest method to receive the best rate on a car rental, especially during periods of high travel demand like school summer vacations.

A family of four just won’t fit into a small two-seater, so booking early isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get the precise vehicle you want. On the other hand, if you wait until the last minute, you’ll be stuck with whatever the rental car business has on hand.

2) Pay attention to time

When renting a car, most businesses bill for 24 hour blocks of time, so if you pick up the car at noon, aim to return it by noon or sooner. Even if you pick a later drop-off, you will be charged for one additional day.

3) Consider size carefully

Consider your options realistically and choose functionality above style. While a sporty soft-top may seem cool, is it really worth the extra money?

Next, think about the precise specifications of the car’s size and characteristics. Also, don’t forget to account for the cost of petrol. Choose a car with low fuel consumption if you want to drive a lot.

4) Pick a driver

Sharing the driving makes sense if you’re going on a long road trip, but adding a second driver can significantly increase the cost of car rental, especially if they’re under 25.

Find out if you can get by with only one driver for the duration of your trip; you may be able to save a significant amount of money. Look for special “free additional driver” offers if you’re certain you want to split the driving, as these can significantly reduce the cost.

5) Bring your own kid seats and GPS

Consider bringing your own child seat from home if you need one to avoid paying more to rent one from the rental agency. Hire fees are typically charged daily and can pile up quickly. You can bring some baby gear without paying any additional fees on most airlines.

If you don’t have a GPS device of your own, you can download free data-free maps to your phone and utilize them while you’re on the road.

6) Find the insurance with the best price

When trying to save money on automobile rentals, it might not make much sense to purchase additional insurance, but it is something to consider. Find the right balance between what you want to spend up front for protection and what you are willing to risk having to pay if something goes wrong.

There are several insurance alternatives available: you can add more coverage when renting a car or in person, purchase separate extra insurance online, or take a chance. If you choose to purchase additional coverage, you will have more options online before your trip rather than waiting until you get at the counter.

7) Verify policy of the fuel

Different rental agencies provide various fuel policies. The most typical type is called “full to full,” meaning that you take up the automobile with a full tank and return it with a full tank. Since you just pay for the fuel you consume, this is typically the most affordable choice.

Some rental car agencies have a “full to empty” policy, which exempts you from having to top off the tank. Because they might add service costs on top of the cost of the fuel, this could end up being more expensive. Additionally, you might be forced to decide between risking running on fumes for the last mile back to the airport and returning the car with fuel remaining in the tank.

Now that you have more cash in your wallet to enjoy your trip, it’s time to go.