In addition, a solar power generation system has been developed. To be able to bring the energy produced in excess of the demand for use during the day when the sunlight is bright. 

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Flows through the meter or electricity meter back to the transformer which is also the source of one part of the electricity transmission line as well. As a result, the meter has a reverse rotation, for example, as if to produce energy to replace the amount of traffic at night. During the daytime we use electricity from the solar cell at about 800 watts, but in a day our solar cell system produces up to 1,500 watts of electricity, so 700 watts of idle power will be left. forwarded to the meter or electricity consumption meter Causing the meter to rotate back and send electricity through the transformer to be used in the production process of the Electricity Authority as before when it’s night time when the sun has set Our power system will go into electrification mode from the normal transmission line of the electricity utility. which we may use the same amount of electricity as the return flow, i.e. 700 watts, so it can be concluded that On that day, we did not use a single unit of electricity from the electricity grid. and That means We don’t have electricity bills that day at all, etc.

But to install the said solar cell system We must submit a request to the Metropolitan Electricity Authority. or the Provincial Electricity Authority responsible for our area to be able to install such renewable energy systems In addition, the electric meter or the amount of electricity consumption that has been mentioned above. is a type of electricity meter It is not the only receiving type electricity meter installed to measure the amount of electricity used in general households. Therefore, requesting to install a meter that can supply electricity back to the transmission line must be approved and procurement of such equipment only from electricity

Environmental friendliness of solar cells

The use of natural energy to benefit it. There may be several ways. To change the energy obtained from nature to be used in facilities. or tools and electrical equipment in the industrial sector which in some ways may have an effect and it is necessary to destroy nature which is an alternative to finding other energy to replace the energy that creates more problems or may be running out of our world

But for the production of natural energy into electrical energy of the solar cell system. It is the method that can be said to be the most environmentally friendly. And there is no effect at all due to the light energy and heat from the sun’s rays. According to natural mechanism The production process of solar cells does not create a process that violates any natural mechanism. We simply try to harvest the abundant energy available. And enough for all people of the world to use only So it depends on how we use that energy. Or just let it disappear in vain

For the solar cell system that is a tool to produce this electricity In fact, the world recognized that It is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly renewable energy alternatives. Until it has been dubbed this energy production process. “Clean energy” by considering the following factors and effects.

  1. Energy production process No need to rely on energy from other sources. besides solar energy Therefore, it does not cause a reaction that will cause the environment to be toxic.
  2. No burning Therefore does not cause air and water pollution.
  3. For solar systems that are not large projects There will be no movement during the production process. Therefore it does not cause noise pollution. or even large power generation projects that need to be controlled movement of the parabolic track Still no noise that exceeds the standard
  4. Help reduce the accumulation of various gasses in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbon gas. And nitrogen oxides, etc., which are the result of the combustion of coal oil fuels. And natural gas is all affecting the environment. greenhouse reaction causing global warming, causing acid rain and toxic air, etc.
  5. The production process does not contain environmental emissions.

  These factors make the production process of solar cells safe for users and safe for the environment. because there is no radiation or excretion of any toxic waste, especially If the solar cell system consists of standard equipment Including being properly installed by experts No matter where the solar cell system is installed There will be total security.

or to install a solar cell system in the right place. It may be one of facilitating the solar cell system to be more efficient in working. By installing it, the solar panel must receive full sunlight, such as on the roof of a house, office building. and mounting brackets for the solar panels should be avoided from shade such as trees and other structures. Including the solar panel should be turned in the direction that receives sunlight during the day, etc., in order to generate the most electricity for the system that can be installed independently. The solar panel should be installed close to the battery. to cause energy loss because the wires are minimal

Although the production process of solar cells requires advanced technology. But installing a solar cell system is not too difficult or complicated. Especially the device that produces low voltage direct current. The less equipment we need must be maintained periodically so that the solar cell system remains efficient in production. It is safe for both the user and the environment forever.