The gambling industry has grown exponentially in recent years. One of the industry’s leading brands, Storm International has continued its successful operations for more than thirty years. And the company is not going to stop there. For 2023, the company’s plans include a previously announced expansion. Staying at the top of the rankings is no easy task. But when many years of experience are behind them, then no difficulties will prevent the company from updating and moving in the right direction.

2022 has made adjustments to the company’s activities. The war in Ukraine and economic instability threatened to undermine the brand’s position. If in many European gaming complexes, the company managed to show stable results, then in Ukraine the situation seemed threatening. But even in such emergency conditions, it is possible to work. The team of the Ukrainian branch of the company proved this by their own example, – said the director of the company Darren Keane.

In a crisis, the situation can get out of control at any moment. Then the importance of teamwork comes to the fore. The holding team demonstrated a high level of interaction. Storm International has been able to increase the stability of its business and quickly implement a number of upgrades and innovations. This, in turn, allowed the brand to keep up with the changes and adjust to the growing demand. It was the efforts of the company’s team that made it possible to overcome the times of crisis. Today, Storm International has all the prerequisites to confidently move forward into the future.

Titanic efforts were demonstrated by the holding team in Ukraine. Game complexes for several months were forced to interrupt their work due to the current situation in the country. The Ukrainian team of the brand did everything possible and impossible to restart the Shangri La Kyiv casino in the five-star Fairmont hotel after so many months. New and regular customers were able to plunge into an unforgettable atmosphere of luxury and enjoy the highest level of service.

The work of “Shangri La Yerevan” was awarded the highest rating, – shares the success of the holding company director Darren Keane. In 2022, the largest complex of the brand was restarted. The monumental building of the Shangri La Yerevan gambling house reopened its doors in October. It is also impossible not to mention that the Armenian branch of the brand in a short period of time managed to reach the pre-war indicators of the institution.

Shangri La Tbilisi in 2022 once again confirmed the status of the best casino in the country. One of the main directions of the complex’s work is premium-class services. Thanks to this, the institution is known far beyond the borders of Georgia. The high results of the complex help the active development of the entire gambling business in Georgia.

The network of cozy gaming units in Germany continued its successful development in 2022. All 10 clubs were successful this year, which allows the company’s management to plan some expansion of the German segment of its business in 2023.

Shangri La Live is another successful brainchild of the company, a mega-popular virtual gaming platform. Already in 2023, users are waiting for new games, new bets on virtual sports. Many bonuses and tournaments are also available. New products appear on the platform almost every week.

The Storm International team continues to develop and make grandiose plans. The company firmly believes that the future of the industry lies in the use of modern technologies. They play an important role in the expansion of the company. The main thing is that the company is ready for new challenges and transformations.