Before any student begins writing any sort of document, they need to make sure that the information they put in flows properly. This flow where everything looks neat on a document is known in many corners of the world as structure in writing, and it is something that shouldn’t be forgotten by any writer no matter the level.

Writing structure whether it is in novels, articles, or assignments continues to change as the art of writing continues to evolve. Coming up with a structure can save a student time and ensure that only the necessary information makes it into their document and anything unnecessary is left out. Working alongside a professional essay writer from, this article will look at what organizational structure in writing papers is.

What is the Structure of Writing?

Structure in academic writing will ensure that all important details in a document are not missed and information is broken down properly. Take writing a 10,000-word piece, for example, this can be an intimidating task for students who haven’t written a piece that long before, but with a proper structure, this task can be made easier. 

The introduction of the paper can be roughly 500 words long, 2,000 words can be dedicated to writing the methodology, and the rest to the literature review. This will still leave a few words for the conclusion which is part of the structure of every paper.

Elements of structure in writing a story

When authors are putting a piece together, two important elements need to be included which are the character and story plot. Readers become emotionally invested in a story that has these two elements because they know a major event will happen, and it will happen to one of the main characters. 

Plots in stories are events that happen in a story, and they are divided into 5 main parts which are the opener, incident, crisis, climax, and ending. The opener is very much self-explanatory because it is where readers are introduced to some of the leading characters in the story by the writer.

The Incident simply highlights the conflicts or some of the major challenges that the leading character will be facing throughout the story. The third is a crisis, and it is where the conflicts that the lead character faces start to become more intense which when done properly by the writer can keep readers hooked.

The climax of the story is where the action reaches its peak, story changing events will happen that will set the tone for the rest of the story. Just like the point above, when this is done right, readers can be hooked, but when done incorrectly, readers can easily lose interest and feel underwhelmed by the events in the plot.

Last is the ending and this is where the events in the story come to a close and readers now know the fate of the lead character as well as other supporting characters. Many authors across the world have won plenty of awards because they always nail the ending. As long as there is more to tell, a story can end on a cliffhanger. The structure of a story is different from that found in an essay and below are a few examples.

Examples of Structure in Writing an Essay

Good heading and impressive subtitles

There are so many written pieces being published on the internet today and there is a very high chance that many of them will have a good-quality structure.  As far as the structure of essay writing is concerned, adding headings to a title will allow readers to be able to pinpoint any key points when they are reading the paper. 

Subtitles should never be overlooked as they play a very important role in content writing too because they let readers see where important facts are if a piece is long. These two are mainly found in formal assignments written by students like essays, research papers, and more.

Amazing chapters

Chapters can be found in many novels and what they do is break down a massive story piece into small chunks. If someone was to write a piece on how their day has been for 24 hours, they can talk about events in each hour in a separate structure. 

The good thing about chapters is they can either be entitled or titled and their lengths vary depending on the pieces one is writing. Shorter chapters are easier to read and are highly recommended when one is writing, but there are some novels out there that have chapters with 20,000 words in them.

Impressive dialogue

When adding dialogue into a piece of content, one has to be careful how they word it because getting it wrong can leave leaders feeling confused. It is best to add dialogue in the third sentence of their paragraph because it can look out of place at the beginning. 

The main reason why people add dialogue in their text is that they want to tell a mini-story. The dialogue needs to have an introduction, the main body as well as a conclusion for it to be impactful to the narrative.

Importance of Organizational Structure in Writing

Helps writers have top-quality paragraphs 

There is no form of writing out there that doesn’t have any paragraphs even if it is something that one is reading online. Every time a writer adds a new sentence to their piece, that is a new paragraph and many top writers say that for one to write a good paragraph, it needs to be broken down into 4 unique sentences. 

The first sentence needs to summarize what the paragraph wants to achieve. Anything that a reader needs to know has to be added in this sentence because it is what will get their attention and make them read the rest.

The second sentence has to add key information to the proceedings and expand on what the first sentence said. The third sentence needs to have a quote or a key piece of information to push the narrative forward. The last sentence needs to have additional information that supports some of the facts in the written piece. 

Sentences that come after the 4 mentioned above can carry on adding further information that will be helpful to the reader and anything more than 6 sentences is considered too long as far as structure is concerned.

Final thoughts 

Having the ability to come up with a good structure when it comes to writing documents is a great skill to develop because it can help one when they are studying as well as when they are done with their studies. A structure can save both writers and readers time because the piece produced is concise and straight to the point without unnecessary content. Any message that the writer is trying to get across will come out well as long as there is a structure plus it makes research papers easy to follow