In India, card games are very popular, particularly when it is played among a group of people on special occasions. It’s a beloved game among many Indians. With the invention of the internet along with the popularity of social games, rummy card games have become a rage all over the internet.

One can enter various rummy tournaments in this virtual world called the internet. These tournaments are multiplayer card games. One can play rummy tournaments against many different players, and this will bring them one step ahead in the table to win. For entering such tournaments, interested people have to register in advance to reserve their seats in the mix of people for a particular game.

All this has been made possible due to how well people have received the internet, and one need not wait for their friends to play rummy card games. Whenever you’re free, you can play with other people online at the same time as you.

There are various types of contests in rummy, of which the primary ones are as follows:

  • Cash rummy games
  • Rummy tournaments
  • Free tournaments

To play cash rummy games, one has to pay a certain amount as an entry fee, and the reward has a direct relationship with the reward won. The higher your fee to enter, the higher your rewards get. The most convenient point about cash rummy games is that they can be played anytime in the day. These rummy games are taking place continuously on all online rummy platforms.

On the contrary, in rummy tournaments, there are several tables where people are playing at the same time. It is more or less like an IPL Tournament, and as the tournament progresses, people get eliminated, and the table merges till only one table is left. The number of deals played on every table remains fixed, and it is mandatory to complete the same amount of deals on every table. Meanwhile, if other tables have completed their fixed number of deals, the winner of those deals must wait for the game to be set up till the last table completes.

Within this online rummy tournaments are also two types of tournaments which can either be paid ones or non-paid ones, i.e., free tournaments.

Rummy tournaments invariably last a long time as compared to cash games. These can also last for months, as till the last table doesn’t complete its fixed number of deals, the game can’t proceed further. Hence, these are more popular during holidays, weekends, or the festive season. This is when people are comparatively idler than on normal working days.

As a beginner, one should play more cash games so that once you get a hold of the game, you can then start participating in more and more tournaments which makes things exciting. Examples of rummy tournaments are tournaments that are rank-based or goal based.

Now let’s discuss some of the tips used by experts and seasoned players to win in rummy tournaments online:

  • Knowledge about basic rules and regulations:This is a basic requirement one needs to fulfill to win tournaments online. One cannot rely on just luck, and complete awareness of the rules and regulations will always be an added benefit to winning rummy tournaments. Some of the rules, like a player, should have three or more cards of the same suit in a row, etc., should be learned and understood in detail, and practice games should be played.
  • Arranging cards properly: This is one of the main steps when one is playing a physical game of rummy, arranging the cards in the order which will make you show your cards should be done so that you are well aware what is the number you’re expecting so that you’re clear in your mind and need not think much.
  • Concentrate on forming a pure sequence: Whenever the cards are dealt with, take some time to figure out your cards and determine the sequences that can be formed, and the ideal situation is to form a pure sequence (i.e., a sequence without a joker). Your arrangement of cards should be according to the ranks and suits. Keeping black-colored cards separate from red-colored cards
  • Jokers can make you win the toughest game: In the heat of the moment, players often forget that they have jokers that they can utilize to form an impure sequence and win the game from what looks like the toughest situation. Jokers can be used as any card which can complete the sequence and make you the winner.
  • Focus more on Low-value cards: The game aims to reduce your points to 0 before any other can. Even if you’re in a position where you think you’re losing, try to reduce your point as much as you can as lower the points you lose with lesser will be your cash outflow. One pro tip is to keep losing the high-value cards, especially when you’re in the losing position but not from the start, as you may make the other person win in that case.
  • Observing your competitors: Rummy card games and body language go hand in hand, especially in the case of a physical card game. But also, when one’s playing rummy online, observing and understanding your competitor’s psych is very important. You’ll benefit by either making him lose the game or by winning it yourself. Your observation can include keeping an eye on the cards they are discarding and the cards they’re picking to help create a sequence they might be forming. By doing this, you’re one step ahead in every game.
  • Knowing the biggest rummy tournament rules: While you’re aware of the basic rules and regulations, you must also dedicate some time to going through the terms and conditions of the online rummy tournament. The terms and conditions vary in every tournament. The factors that vary as the number of deals, points, how much time one can take to play their turn, prizes, etc.
  • Regular Practice: Playing cash games is an amazing way to gain experience in the world of rummy online games. Regular practice is a must before you enter any tournament, as your brain needs to be trained to react at the earliest.

Also, for those who want to start playing in this world of online rummy, you may download the rummy apk application and play practice games for free till you get the hang of the game.