Construction turnstiles are an important part of any construction site. They serve as a way to keep unauthorized personnel and equipment out of the facility, while still allowing approved personnel to enter. By investing in these security systems, you can help ensure the safety and security of your construction site. But what are the other benefits of installing construction turnstiles? Let’s take a look!

1.Efficient Entry/Exit Processes

Construction turnstiles provide an efficient entry/exit process for authorized personnel. This is especially useful if you have a high-traffic environment with many people coming in and out at once. With construction turnstiles, there is no need to worry about manually checking IDs or waiting in long lines—the turnstile makes entry and exit quick and easy. Plus, if you install an access control system, it can be programmed to allow only approved personnel into the facility.

2.Reduced Theft

Another benefit of installing construction turnstiles is that it helps reduce theft on your site. By having an automated system that requires identification for entry, you can help ensure that only authorized personnel gain access to the premises. This will make it much more difficult for would-be thieves to steal from your facility, helping protect your goods and property from theft.

3.Increased Safety

Finally, installing construction turnstiles also helps increase safety on your site by keeping unauthorized visitors out. By having a secure entry point like this, you can help prevent accidents by making sure those who do not belong on the premises stay away from dangerous areas or pieces of equipment they may not understand how to use properly. In addition, with fewer people entering the premises without permission, there will be fewer chances for disgruntled workers or criminals to cause harm within the facility walls. Due to its toughy design, low maintenance and high security, Macrosafe full height gates have become the first choice for construction sites.

4.Cost Savings

One of the biggest benefits of installing construction turnstiles is that it can help you save money in the long run. By investing in a secure access system, you can avoid paying for security personnel to guard your site around the clock. You will also save money on replacing any stolen goods or equipment.

5.Enhanced Security Monitoring

Installing construction turnstiles can also provide enhanced security monitoring capabilities. Depending on the type of system you install, it could be equipped with surveillance cameras and other features for tracking people as they come and go from your facility. This gives you greater control over who is entering and exiting your premises, which can help reduce theft and other forms of crime.  Additionally, having this increased monitoring capability may also qualify you for additional insurance discounts.


Overall, there are many benefits that come with installing construction turnstiles at your job site. Not only do they provide an efficient entry/exit process for authorized personnel but they also help reduce theft and increase safety on your premises as well. When it comes to protecting your facility from unwanted intruders or accidents caused by unfamiliar workers, installation of turnstiles is one of the best investments you could make!