While it might seem like growing marijuana indoors is safer and more private, it’s not always the case. You can say the same about the yield to expect indoors. Sometimes even if you can control all the variables, it’s hard to have a bumper harvest. Many individuals prefer outdoor growing because it only requires a good location and nice preparation of weed seeds for outdoor grow to enjoy stronger, healthier plants that produce bountiful yields. Indoor plants tend to be always smaller. To get the same marijuana buds, growers must harvest more indoor cannabis plants. This required more effort, time, and work. Compare this to the many benefits of growing Cannabis outdoors, which we’ve discussed below:

High-Quality Buds 

Thanks to natural soil, sufficient sunlight, and fresh air, outdoor cannabis seeds develop a unique flavor. It’s different from the ones grown indoors. Some medical marijuana dispensary Vancouver marijuana lovers even claim they can feel the earthy essence of outdoor plants. 

Apart from the sweet aroma, home growers know they’re producing high-quality buds because they care for their plants. Low-quality Cannabis is harsh to the users and might give you a bad headache instead of a nice high.

Plants Grown Outside Are Less Susceptible to Mildew and Mold 

Outdoor marijuana seeds growers tend to use fewer fungicides, fertilizers, and pesticides. With proper technique and the right environment, weed grown outdoors tends to be more resilient to the outside elements. One reason is that plants grown outdoors become part of the ecosystem. 

Marijuana, like most plants, interacts with its surrounding environment. Over time, weed can develop a natural resistance to any potential threats. The plants interact with surrounding natural elements to build resilience against pest invasions and temperature fluctuations.

While indoor grows might offer a near-perfect environment, it might stunt the cannabis plant from building natural resilience. Because of this, indoor growers are often forced to use pesticides and fertilizers to maintain healthy plants heavily. 

Larger Marijuana Yields 

Growing Cannabis outdoors will lead to large buds and higher yields. Plants develop extra-large leaves thanks to sufficient sun and carbon dioxide. As a result, it helps accumulate great energy to produce large buds. Assuming your growing site is safe, a cannabis plant can grow over 180 cm. You can potentially harvest approximately 500 grams of dried buds with this size. If you have 5-7 plants of this size, you can harvest a year’s supply of top-quality weed. For individuals who take marijuana for medicinal purposes, this type of harvest is great. Growing weed plants that are huge would not be possible indoors. 

Incredibly Cheap!

 When growing Cannabis outdoors, all you need is some quality weed seeds for outdoor grow and water. You don’t need to install ventilation systems or buy lights, and there are no electricity bills. Growers can invest much cash into their outdoor garden if they want; it’s not as vital as indoors. Cultivating Cannabis outside can highly reduce startup costs, especially if a grower adopts a minimalist approach. While polytunnels, greenhouses, and irrigation systems will cost you some money, you only need several cardboard sheets and compost bags to design a no-dig bed that can produce great harvests.


Indoor cannabis growing comes with massive energy consumption. A grow room will require ventilation systems, lights, and other tools that use a lot of electricity. On the other hand, growing your plants outdoors requires only air, the sun, and water to thrive. It doesn’t leave carbon footprints and also contributes to the natural dynamics. Those who want to save the earth should grow their plants outdoors. 

Every bulb contains approximately 20 mg of mercury. Mercury comes with several detrimental environmental and health effects. 

High mercury concentrations pose a huge risk to wildlife, animals, and fish. Mercury is also linked to harmful effects on human beings’ digestive, nervous, and immune systems. While indoor growers can use sustainable lighting options to reduce carbon emissions, you can’t compare it to the real thing.

Outdoor cannabis growing allows growers to use more sustainable ways of weed cultivation. While you can utilize organic cultivation methods indoors, you’re limited compared to when growing outdoors. You can cultivate outdoor weeds to preserve the beneficial and complex nutrients in the soil.

You can integrate permaculture methods like companion planting and introducing a ground cover. Growers utilizing sustainable farming methods outdoors can maintain the natural soil elements to reduce global warming and retain carbon.

Safer For Growers 

To most growers, security is a massive problem when cultivating marijuana outdoors. It’s one of the main reasons for the rise in popularity of indoor growing. But, getting a great outdoor location can be safer than keeping your cannabis plants in the house. What’s the reason for this? It’s hard to trace the ownership of an outdoor space compared to an indoor one. One can always deny if caught growing weed outdoors.

Final Thoughts 

The benefits in this article show how cultivating Cannabis outdoors is better for both the growers and the plants. Being easier to maintain, cheaper and high-quality buds are enough reasons to convince you. Like growing any other plant, you need knowledge and patience to be a successful marijuana outdoor grower.

Written by Lana Braslavska. Lana is an enlightened cannabis specialist, passionate grower, and a Public Relations Specialist at AskGrowers.com. She does deep research when curating all her pieces to separate marijuana facts and assumptions. Her mission is to keep readers informed of the ever-growing marijuana strains.