The new school year has begun, and it’s time to get back to class. Education technology tools are useful for everyone, whether you’re a veteran educator looking to re-energize your teaching or a brand-new student starting from scratch, and whether you like the traditional classroom setting or prefer to do your teaching and learning online.

Here’s a rundown of several useful applications to download before heading back to class. These applications will not only make your life easier in and out of the classroom, but they will also help you succeed academically. It’s up to you to make use of them now.

Part 2. When and Why Need PDF Tool for Teachers and College Students?

Classes, homework, and extracurricular have all resumed now that the school year has begun.

Also, it’s time to get back to downloading readings and handouts from professors, doing research online, generating papers, and working on computers.

In the digital realm, you will always be on the lookout for the appropriate software, whether it’s a word processor, an image editor, or a programming language.

Use of Microsoft Word and PDF Scans

While you’re at it, pick up a PDF tool as well as the cheaper Microsoft Word alternative you’ve been eyeing. With the help of a PDF program, you may quickly and effortlessly convert PDF files to Word documents for use in Microsoft Office.

In addition, OCR technology is required to transform scanned PDFs from images into editable text when working on these documents. The best PDF readers also do optical character recognition, making them a two-in-one solution.

Extracting Information for Academic Papers

In order to support your thesis, research papers, or narratives, those of you studying in data-related fields will need to scour the web for statistics and figures.

To summarize tabular data, for instance, converting PDF to Excel might be useful. You may take charge of the data analysis necessary to back up your assertions by extracting tables from PDF sources acquired during internet research using a reliable PDF conversion tool.

Taking Notes on a Computer to Study

Since many current resources are digital and in PDF format, we are aware that reading content might be less engaging, which aids in knowledge retention. When studying from a physical textbook, how many lines do you highlight? Do you make a lot of notes and observations on your research?

Make Notes While Studying

You may accomplish this digitally with the help of PDF annotation tools. Do not print off this page. Annotation capabilities in PDF readers allow you to make notes and highlight important passages as you read. Among the many available options are the insertion of notes and comments, the highlighting of key phrases, and the addition of new content.

Making Changes to PDF Files

Despite widespread belief to the contrary, PDFs are easily editable at the textual and file levels. When you need to merge assignments, submit a research paper, or make last-minute changes to a final draft, a PDF editor can be a lifesaver.

The Best Back to School PDF Tool

UPDF is an easy-to-use and fast PDF editor that is among the top free programs for students. PDF filescan be viewed, edited, converted and annotated with ease with this program. It’s simple to grasp and work with because of its user-friendly, flexible, and pleasant interface.

This software allows students to easily change text and photos. Furthermore, UPDF allows you to rearrange the PDF’s pages in any way you see fit by adding or removing pages, rotating, extracting, and replacing them.

You may also attach PDF files to emails, which is one of its primary functions. UPDF works on several platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, making it accessible to a wide range of students. You’re free to access it from whatever device you choose.

The following are the most basic and popular features of UPDF:


They may read their PDFs with the program UPDF, which also gives customers the ability to modify the files in their PDF reader. There are errors in the PDF that need to be fixed on many occasions.

As a result, modifying PDFs with UPDF is simple and easy. They have the choice to either add or remove text, and they also have the capacity to add image to PDF.

Add Notes

The capacity to make notes and highlight portions of the text as required is one of the many useful features made available by UPDF. Students will get a lot of benefits from this feature since it enables them to annotate their readings and underline the parts of the text that are most relevant to them.

Quick and Simple Navigation

Students are able to save time by navigating through the pages quickly and easily, which is provided. Students are able to quickly get to any page or chapter of their choosing with only a few clicks thanks to the search tool.

Organize PDF pages

Students have the ability to simply modify the sequence of pages or swiftly change the layout of pages by dragging a particular page and then dropping it in the appropriate location. Therefore, pupils are able to quickly adjust the order of the pages according to their preferences.

Add Bookmarks

Students are able to instantly return to any page they’ve bookmarked in a PDF file using the bookmarking functionality made available by UPDF. They will get the impression that they are reading through the book because of it.

Print and Share

After making edits, students and teachers are given the opportunity to print the PDF using UPDF. Students also have the ability to easily share the PDF with one another with only a few clicks. UPDF for Mac allows students and teachers to share PDF files as a URL or an attachment to emails.


UPDF gives you many tools to process your PDF files like viewing, annotating, editing, converting, printing PDF files, etc. To improve learning and work productivity, we recommend you to use UPDF for your PDF needs.