There have been romance books published for hundreds of years. Subgenres come in a vast variety, and there are enough to choose from. There are both modern-day and historical settings for romance books written nowadays. The tone of these books varies widely, from humorous to tragic. Despite the fact that there is no universal definition of a romance book, the vast majority of recent romance novels have love as their primary focus. If you are interested in contemporary romance, especially nanny romance or boss romance, below are some of the books that you should check out today.

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Forbidden Bad Boy Biker: An Off Limits

Bri is a young lady from a rural area. She’s a waitress in a dive restaurant despite having a college diploma. That is, until she reads an article in a magazine that might completely alter her future. She obtains a job as a nanny in L.A. and can’t believe her good fortune when she meets bad boy biker Teddy Fisher. They both know he’s just playing around, but she has no intention of becoming the next notch on his bedpost. They agree to keep things on a businesslike level. Yet it’s clear that he feels the same way about her as she does about him. Despite her misgivings, Brie finds herself more attracted to him, and the two have become quite close.

The Hating Game

The classic saying is that opposites attract. Unless, maybe, Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman, who work as executive assistants. The instant they enter the workplace, the two enemies start to war, trading passive-aggressive barbs and scornful looks. When competitors find out about a promotion, the workplace may quickly become violent. Nevertheless, between love and hatred, there exists just a razor’s edge. This is one of the finest romantic comedies ever written, and you will definitely be laughing out loud while reading it. If you’re looking for an enemies-to-lovers workplace romance with lots of sexual tension, The Hating Game is the book for you.


When trying to phone a friend after a terrible date, Reese Annesley is insulted and given dating advice by a stranger named Chase Parker, who she overhears in the restroom corridor. Following that, Reese’s dull date becomes an unforgettable experience. After a series of comedic interactions, Reese gets hired by Chase’s firm, and he promptly begins courting her. Yet Reese is hesitant to engage into a workplace relationship, and Chase has his own reservations about settling down. The workplace romance between Chase Parker and Vi Keeland will have you laughing, swooning, and falling in love all at once. In addition to giving us one of the finest book boyfriends ever, Vi Keeland also provides us a work romance that stands out from the crowd.


Drew Evans, a successful businessman with a wicked sense of humor and enough charisma to win over any lady he sets his sights on, is introduced. until Katherine Brooks, that is. Kate is ambitious, bright, and bold, and she will not let anything stand in her way of success. Her coworker Drew Evans is included in this. As Drew and the attractive recent college graduate find themselves competing for a tvbucetas business transaction, he learns that his emotions for her run much deeper than he had previously realized. Tied is a fantastic, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy about an affable jerk and a driven doctoral student who have finally found their equal in one another. Read this book by Emma Chase if you’ve been seeking for a humorous workplace romance novel.