When you’re out in the sun all day, you obviously need adequate protection from those harmful UV rays, but what happens when your outdoor activity involves water? Does that affect how well the best mineral sunscreen spray works? Is there any special consideration you have to make to ensure you don’t end up getting burnt?

Well, it might not come as a surprise that it does affect things, and so you can’t rely on your sunscreen to keep on protecting you when you’re using the pool or swimming in the sea. Let’s have a look at why that is as we look at what impact the water has. 

Even the Best Mineral Sunscreen Spray Will Wash Off

The reason why it matters whether you go in the water or not is that even the very best sunscreens around will still wash off after a while. As such, if you put on a regular product and go into the water, you’re simply going to have to reapply once you’re dry again.

If you know ahead of time that you’re going to be spending time in the water, it can help to also wear a light-coloured T-shirt, although that will still need to be backed up by sunscreen – as UV rays will stay make it through – just not as quickly.

Water-resistant Sunscreen Products Are Available

The sunscreen industry is aware of this fact, which is why you will find the best mineral sunscreen spray manufacturers also offering water-resistant products. That said, what this shouldn’t be confused with is water-proofing, which essentially doesn’t yet exist. That means if you find something that claims to offer it, the labelling is not being very truthful. 

The most you’re ever going to find being sold – barring any technological advancements in sunscreen in the next few weeks – is water-resistant sun protection. Even that, however, will not allow you to stay out in the sun all day with impunity. No, there are still rules that need to be followed.

The most you’ll get is up to 40 or 80 minutes in the water, after which you’ll need to head back and apply another handful or two. If you forget to do so, it’s akin to going out without any sunscreen on at all – meaning that the clock really is ticking. 

Using the Best Mineral Sunscreen Spray The Right Way

The basic facts here aren’t very complicated, meaning that it doesn’t take long to properly understand how to protect yourself and how not to. Your takeaway from reading this article is that water is pretty much the nemesis of sunscreen – even those that are designed to resist it. 

So, if your outdoor Summer plans involve waterskiing, swimming, or indeed any activity that makes you profusely sweat, please bear in mind what we’ve spoken about here.

Fail to do so, and you can look forward to evenings that include irritation, aftersun lotion and the sun damage associated with exposure. It’s something everyone needs to be aware of.