BK8 Malaysia the Leading eWallet Online Casino

BK8, Asia’s pioneering online casino Malaysia platform, was released in 2015. Since its launch, BK8 has developed into the most reputable and well-liked online casino platform among Malaysian and numerous other Southeast Asian players. Further, In addition, BK8 provides its users with access to a wide array of betting choices, online casinos, and slot machines. Live sporting events, poker, slot machines, fishing games, and lotteries are a few examples.

BK8 is one of the few online casinos that accept e-wallet payments for both deposits and withdrawals. They offer two different ways for players to make deposits. SUREPAY and Alipay are the two options. To add the necessary quantity of money to their account, the player must carefully follow the instructions.

To reduce transaction costs and as much as possible speed up the online payment process, BK8 has adopted the Touch’N Go, DuitNow QR payment.

Traditional Casinos Are So 2008

Traditional casino gaming has long been recognized as a danger for money laundering since it is cash-heavy and, when compared to banks, casinos provide their clientele with greater anonymity, allowing criminals to quietly convert cash of questionable origin into profits.

Furthermore, real casinos demand players to travel there in order to wager. This is such a huge inconvenience that it could result in extra expenses like petrol. It also takes away the excitement of impulsive gambling because players may need to organize their schedules. Internet casinos, on the other hand, can be accessed 24/7 via desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. As a result, they enable players to wager comfortably at their homes, cars, or places of business.

In addition to that, the level of secrecy in traditional casinos is below par, as opposed to internet casinos, which allow players to wager with ease of mind, knowing their personal data is safe and secured. This explains the rapid increase of online casino players since the introduction of the internet.

Malaysia’s Genting Casino

Along with the Genting Resort, the Genting Casino debuted in 1971. There are thirty tables at the Genting Casino where you may play games like Blackjack, Tai Sai, Roulette, and French Boule, in addition to a number of the classic lever-operated slot machines known as “one-armed-bandits.” Where today’s Theme Park hotel is, the casino was there back then.

On top of that, the Genting Casino is home to some of the highest stakes gaming tables in the area, where players can try their luck at games like Roulette, Pai Gow, Baccarat, Blackjack, and many more. New slot machines, video poker machines, and electronic table games are all available.

The Future Trend of eWallets in Online Casinos

In 2017, the idea of eWallets was initially proposed. The Touch’n Go eWallet is another eWallet that gained popularity in Malaysia. Touch ‘n Go, which has created a seamless consumer experience for millions of Malaysians, is at the heart of Malaysia’s digital transformation in the mobility ecosystem. Every effort to be at the forefront of the Fintech revolution benefits the country’s operations, living conditions, and performance.

For more than 20 years, Touch ‘n Go has also led Malaysia’s transition to a cashless society. Furthermore, what began as a mode of transportation has morphed into a financial solution that is now an essential component in the lives of more than half of Malaysia’s people. Malaysians are able to enjoy their live casino anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Integrating eWallets in Online Casino

Fast deposits

BK8 actively promotes eWallet transactions, particularly those made with DuitNow QR under Touch’N Go. The goal of implementing the eWallet deposit method at BK8 is to allow all participants on the online gambling platform to make speedy deposits and withdrawals. In addition, smartphone access to e-wallets such as DuitNow QR makes them convenient for gamers.

BK8 has incorporated the Touch’N Go, DuitNow QR payment to cut transaction costs and streamline the online payment procedure as much as feasible. Due to this innovation, members who have made deposits with Touch ‘n Go have benefited from increased payouts and larger prizes.

Furthermore, because e-wallet transactions are often handled faster than bank transfers, they may be more efficient for BK8 players and are used by a far larger population than direct bank transfers.

Secure Deposits and Withdrawals

eWallets are steadily gaining popularity due to the favorable press they have gotten for enabling safe and secure transactions. Most experts agree that e-wallets are safer than bank accounts. When players use digital wallets, the gaming firm has no access to their personal information. Instead, a QR code is created that acts as a “virtual card number.”

BK8 believes that DuitNow QR is highly secure because it is protected by Quick Access (biometric authentication) and Two-Factor Authentication. Additionally, any DuitNow QR payment made in-store needs to be verified using Quick Access or a password. Also, the daily and fast access transaction limits apply to each DuitNow QR transaction amount. Furthermore, DuitNow QR can only be used on one device at a time.

Bonuses and Promotions

The Touch ‘n Go deposit bonus from BK8 is a tempting offer for brand-new customers. BK8 offers a sizable bonus to new players that can equal up to 150% of the player’s original deposit.

The minimum deposit for new players to qualify for these promos is MYR 50. As soon as the player meets the deposit requirements, BK8 will credit their account. Additionally, players’ casino accounts must have a balance of at least $25 in order to be eligible for these bonuses. Existing players can also use the daily deposit bonus. Also accessible from the drop-down menu are bonus codes.


Moreover, some of the reasons for eWallets being the future of online casinos are that players can conveniently deposit and withdraw their earnings, and players can get peace of their mind as transactions made via eWallets are highly secured. On top of that, players are rewarded through bonuses and promotions when they use Touch’n Go as their preferred payment method.