It is not just winning hearts, but satisfying the taste buds and filling tummies of all foodies, meat lovers and gastronomic freaks that love eating their favorite dish, especially on the weekends. What better way to enjoy your late evenings with friends and family, than savoring some delicious meat wraps, sandwiches, kotlets, kabobs or grill plates, all prepared fresh and served hot. It’s 100% finger licking stuff! The meat is soft, juicy and tender, melting in your mouth. And, with the sprinkling of spices, herbs, sauces along with the topping of cream, veggies and cheese, it’s a feast worth enjoying. A local city-based cafeteria by the name of “Art’s Bakery & Cafe” offers some lip smacking delights that ignites your low-lying taste buds and fills your tummy. All you lucky Glendale residents can now taste the best of family kabob platters, beef Lulah kabob, chicken Lulah kabob, beef shish kabob, chicken boneless thigh kabob, beef Lulah kabob wrap, chicken Lulah kabob wrap, and lots more. Now, you can even order your favorite kabob dish or grill plate online, and get it delivered within minutes of ordering. It is not just the main course menus, but sides, entrees/appetizers, salads and soups that this famed cafeteria offers to all food lovers.

The World of Delicious Kabobs & Kotlets All Under One Roof

The dishes are prepared by experienced chefs that know the right proportion of spices, ingredients and the perfect way to cook. This makes the kebab or kabob platters the all-time favorite among meat lovers. This famed kabob house Glendale is thrilling foodies with some unique Asian and Arabic meat preparation, right from Uzbek Pilaf to Harissa. But, it is their kabob dishes that are the best-selling items. It is simply because of the authentic taste and tenderness of the meat. Be it chicken, lamb, beef or pork, each of them are perfectly cooked, either roasted, smoked or grilled on charcoal fire or fried and sautéed on low flame. This helps in restoring all the nutrients of the meat, especially the protein content. And, when it comes to taste, there are a few comparisons in this city. You can try their chicken kabob wrap, Jalapeno & Cheese infused beef Lulah kabob wrap, Berkshire pork chop, beef shish kabob wrap or the Sturgeon fish platter. You’re going to love every single item on their menu. With proper garnishing and beautiful presentation, the dish becomes even more appetizing. After all, it is your olfactory senses that must be ignited, before you dig in. Your weekends are all set to be ‘filling’ and finger licking, here in Glendale, CA.