In Poland, one of the European countries, there is currently a fashion for live caricatures. It’s about drawing witty portraits during corporate and private events. The author of these caricatures is Sadurski, one of the fastest caricaturists in the world

Live caricatures at events

Why is it so popular in Poland to invite the fastest caricaturist to a party? Cheerful portraits of the participants of the event are an extraordinary attraction. Caricatures make an entertainment event gain additional attractions at its best. The organizers of the event want even more smiles and joy to appear on the faces of the guests. The excellent caricaturist Sadurski is able to fulfill their wish.

People invited to the event want to receive a caricature quickly. Nobody likes to pose for a portrait for a long time. Therefore, when they know that it takes only 100 seconds to make one caricature, they willingly sit down to Sadurski’s caricaturist’s position. Soon after, a wide smile appears on everyone’s face.

The fastest caricaturist

Many people do not believe that it is possible to create a cheerful portrait in 100 seconds. So say those who have not yet had the opportunity to work with the cartoonist Sadurski from Poland. For him, instant drawing has been a standard for many years. In recent years, he has graced over half a thousand events throughout Poland, as well as in other European countries, in Australia and in the USA.

After one of the events in 2012, the press in New York wrote that the cartoonist Sadurski from Poland is one of the fastest cartoonists in the world. Now, when journalists ask him if he really is – he informs that he didn’t draw so fast then!

Meet the caricaturist Sadurski

It is said that when he was born, he held a pencil in his hand. Soon after, he created his first drawing, which depicted a duck. When Sadurski was 14 years old, he made his debut in the press. A well-known youth newspaper printed his witty cartoon. On his 18th birthday, he made his debut in the most famous satirical magazine in Poland – the Szpilki weekly. A few years later, he was the newspaper’s most published cartoonist. His humorous drawings were printed in the most famous newspapers in Poland. He also won the Golden Pin – an award for the best caricaturist.

Sadurski illustrates books, draws for newspapers and appears in television programmes. And as we already know, he is also a famous event caricaturist. A documentary is currently being made about it. Fans will learn many interesting anecdotes from the life and career of the fastest caricaturist in Poland.