Check out how the hiphop artist Akeim Takamura made “Ice Tea” music video. With the release of “Ice Tea” in 2020, Akeim Takamura made his first giant leap into the music business, breaking over 20,000 plays. When I hear this song, I want to pack my bags and go to the beach as soon as possible. However, COVID-19 has effected that, so it’s great to be able to still feel the summer energy inside a song and music video.

The Inside story

Here are some things Akeim has said: “Ice Tea is one of my favourite tracks, I needed to have a break from the heavy, personal themes that has been showing up in my music, especially from my YouTube releases that never appeared on Spotify, with tracks like “Overthinking” & “Thousand Pieces Of Reality”. That’s why I made something fun and simple, something that you don’t need to over analyze and simply just vibe too.”

Akeim Takamura is returning to the music scene with his newest single, “Where I’ve Been.” This is his first individual release in two years. He recently posted the news on Instagram and showed a sneak peek of the music video for “Where I’ve Been”, which comes out on August 27.


Akeim Takamura is an artist you should keep your ears out for. Although he hasn’t released a single since 2020 he has been consistently active on social media, showing behind the scenes of projects and being active in the public as the official MC for Adelaide’s nightclub Woolshed. Let find out what’s in store for us once we makes his comeback into the music industry.