Whether you have an interest in fashion scoopkeeda or not, you might be interested to know what role the royal family plays in the current fashion world. From the Princes William and George to the Queen Elizabeth, royal families have a large impact on fashion trends.

Kate Middleton’s style sparks buying frenzies

Whether you are a fan or not, the Duchess of Cambridge is no doubt one of the most famous fashion figures in the world. She has been praised for her sartorial prowess and has gained a cult following of style savvy consumers. In fact, she has become a brand ambassador for Reiss.

It seems that Kate Middleton has been doing something right in the fashion department for a while now. She has managed to create a signature style and has even found a way to combine designer pieces with a more affordable brand.

She has also been known to mix and match the right pieces for the right occasion. For example, she has been spotted wearing a bikini on a private holiday with Prince William. Interestingly, the duchess has also been seen sporting a hint of a bump in the latest photos.

The “Duchess of Cambridge’s” dress has been a topic of much debate. According to reports, it sold out in one hour at Tesco’s F&F.

Queen Elizabeth’s style evolved after the death of her mother and sister

Throughout her 70 year reign as British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II has cultivated a wardrobe that has evolved and changed with her. Her wardrobe has been carefully curated and documented since she was a young princess.

Before she was crowned queen in 1952, Elizabeth was only allowed to purchase clothes from designers who were approved by her mother. She wore clothes that complemented the country where she was visiting. She wore dresses designed to flatter the host nation, with a few exceptions.

Her style changed after the deaths of her mother and sister. She wore colourful skirt suits to welcome new Prime Minister Liz Truss. She also wore tartan skirts to pay homage to Scotland.

In the ’50s, Queen Elizabeth was known for cinched waist looks and pillbox hats. In the ’60s, her wardrobe featured bold, crowd-pleasing colors. In the ’70s, she wore turbans and pillbox hats. Her style also changed during World War II, when she came of age. She began making more public appearances.

Prince George’s preference for shorts over skirts

Amongst the English royals, dressing boys in shorts is a long standing tradition. Prince William, as a matter of fact, did not wear long trousers until he was deemed old enough to go to prep school.

Interestingly, no one knows when exactly the shorts-wearing tradition started, but it is widely thought to have a venerable antecedent, albeit a distant one. The best source of information is Victoria Arbiter, a royal stylist and a former fashion editor of Vogue. One theory is that the shorts-wearing tradition was a more formal one, akin to the more formal dress codes for women.

Interestingly, Prince George’s ‘best dressed’ award was a red carpet ensemble, not the ubiquitous’skinny’, so fans were pleased to hear that the high-street equivalent of the ‘best dressed’ award was an actual dress. It was also confirmed that each page had gold embroidered shoulder straps.

Although Prince George was not spotted in the latest crop of shorts-wearing contenders, it seems likely that he’ll stick to the same trend as his brother and uncle, who have likewise opted to opt for shorts and knee socks for their younger siblings.

Prince William’s wife could boost the UK fashion industry by $205 million annually

During their first overseas trip, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex met with environmental technology entrepreneurs and a non-profit organization that supports disadvantaged young people. They will also visit the United States for a ceremony at the Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have put an emphasis on environmental awareness and sustainability. Prince William founded the United for Wildlife initiative to combat the illegal wildlife trade. They have also launched the Emergency Responders Senior Leaders Board, an organization that supports emergency responders, and the Our Frontline initiative, which provides mental health support for emergency medical workers.

They have also visited the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, where they met Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of former president Kennedy. They will also visit Boston. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have also visited a non-profit organization that supports deprived young people at risk of urban violence. They will also attend the Earthshot environmental prize ceremony. The Prince of Wales created the awards in 2020 to raise awareness about climate change. The prince also announced a PS50 million initiative to incentivize environmental solutions over the next decade. Find more articles like this from  and know more fashion related news.