Time can take a toll on our skin. It can make us look a lot older than we feel. It is natural to want to fight the signs of ageing. There are surgical and non-surgical approaches to keep looking younger. One of the best ways is by getting Botox injections Toronto. When injected correctly, they can smoothen out the fine lines and make one look and feel younger. Botox has been a go-to for many people all across the globe. If it is a procedure you are considering, here is all you need to know about it.

What are the risks associated with Botox?

It is always important to have complete knowledge about a procedure. Botox is a safe non-surgical procedure. As it is a filler, the results achieved are temporary. The side effects associated with it, are mostly due to the injector. Some of them include injecting an inappropriate amount of botox at the wrong site. Doing so can cause facial nerve paralysis, eyebrow drip, droopy eye or mediocre results. To prevent this, you must have an experienced and skilled injector carry out the treatment.

What is botox treatment?

Botox, a popular way to defy age with an anti-wrinkle injections, is not an injectable filler; it treats fine lines and wrinkles while smoothening them out. Whereas, the injectable fillers restore the lost volume of the face. The target area of botox is the fine lines on the forehead, frown lines, crows’ feet around the eyes and the even lines on the neck. Botox is a highly popular option to improve the lines and wrinkles. One can start using botox in their 20s as it will reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles as they get older.

Who is an ideal candidate for the procedure?

Men and women, both choose to get Botox injections. It is excellent for those who want to fight the signs of ageing. However, women who are getting fertility treatments, pregnant or nursing shouldn’t get Botox. Patients who have skin disorders are also not the most ideal candidate. During the consultation with the surgeon, they will work to determine whether you are the ideal candidate or not. If you have a family history of neuromuscular disease, it is suggested to avoid undergoing Botox.

What happens during the procedure?

The procedure is quick and easy. It will take about 10 minutes for the product to be injected. You will begin to see the results in about 4 to 6 days. If you experience redness after the injection, don’t panic as it is natural. This will begin to subside soon enough. Sometimes minimal bruising also takes place. At times, it is hardly noticeable, and you can also cover it with makeup. Before undergoing the Botox filler process, you must avoid taking any sort of blood thinners. Using them can increase the chances of bruising. You must avoid them for a week after the Botox treatment as well. To make the procedure more comfortable a topical numbing cream will be used. This will help to ensure that there is little to no pain.