Motherhood takes a physical and an emotional toll. During pregnancy, women carry the child in their womb for 9 months. After giving birth, the body might not always bounce back to the “normal”. It can be a struggle to get back into shape. No matter how much one works out and eats clean, it might feel impossible to get the old body back. This is when mommy makeover Toronto comes into the picture. It is a makeover procedure which combines other cosmetic treatments to enable you to achieve a rejuvenated and refreshed look. Mommy makeover offers convenience as it is a bundling of cosmetic procedures. We are here to tell you about the areas and treatments that can be included in your mommy makeover.


Breastfeeding does impact the breasts. A standard mommy makeover includes cosmetic treatments that target the breasts. You can choose to increase or decrease the volume of the breast. The breast augmentation procedure can also be paired with a subtle breast lift. Consultation plays an essential role in planning. Based on aesthetic goals, the surgeon will tailor the treatment plan.


After giving birth, the skin might not always bounce back. There are times when stubborn pockets of fat just won’t quit. When it comes to a plastic surgery procedure, everyone’s requirements are different. The approach of abdominoplasty that is best suited for you might differ from the others. The tummy tuck procedure is a popular choice in the mommy makeover. Women often choose to pair it up with liposuction as it contours the waist and flanks. Pairing these procedures will help you have the smoother waistlines you’ve always wanted

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures can also be included in the mommy makeover package. Labiaplasty is one of the popular choices. This procedure aims to trim the excessive or uncomfortable labia minora. It is rather a straightforward procedure. This surgical procedure helps women to feel neat and tidier in their intimate areas. Laser vaginal tightening options are also a great add-on. These procedures are non-surgical.

Diastasis Recti

The muscles in the stomach stretch out to make space for the child. Sometimes, after birth abdominal muscle separation takes place. If your stomach is still protruding years after pregnancy, it could be because of muscle separation. During the nine months, the muscles stretch which can create soft spaces in the vertical halves of the abs. No amount of working out or dieting can help to firm and tone the stomach. The permanent way to close the gap between the muscles is by undergoing abdominoplasty. This will help you to have a firm and slim waistline.

Reach out to a surgeon

It can be confusing to decide which procedures would be best suited for your mommy makeover. Share your aesthetic goals with the surgeon. They will guide you through the process and tell you which procedures are the best suited for you. The treatments are picked out in a way so your recovery is easy and comfortable.