The vast senior citizen population of India should apply for the senior citizen’s card to avail benefits.

An elderly person or senior citizen is someone aged 60 years or above. According to the Population Census conducted in 2011, there are nearly 104 million elderly persons in India. Out of the total number mentioned, 53 million of them are females, while 51 million are males. Additionally, a report released by the United Nations Population Fund and HelpAge India suggests that the number of elderly persons is expected to grow to 173 million by 2026. If this is broken down further, in the age group of 60 – 64 years, about 76% of the people were married, while 22% widowed, the remaining 2% were either never married or divorced.

While going through these statistics, a majority of these people might have led good lives or still leading them. However being in a country like India, that has a very high illiterate population, likely, they might not have enough savings to get through their old age. Statistically speaking, the percentage of literates among elderly persons increased from 27% in 1991 to 44% in 2011 which is an improvement however still implies that there is a large population that needs assistance

To assist these people, the Government came up with various schemes and the most promising one for this age group is the senior citizen’s card. This scheme provides all people above the age of 60 with a card they can use if they are availing any benefits from the Government. Overall, it provides them with a slight advantage when it comes to the schemes that they follow. There are many benefits that they can avail, including significant discounts that they would not get through any other system or service.

How do senior citizens apply for this card?

Initially, the process was a nightmare since it needed the senior citizen to not only travel to the office but to have to fill and submit a couple of forms in person. There was a list of certificates and documents that they had to hand over as well. Furthermore, they had to make sure all the information entered matched all the documents, which was another challenge since the information they had was from a long time ago, so verifying and making the necessary changes was a painstaking process.

Now the entire system improved, and they are allowed to go through the process online. Although making changes, filling out forms and uploading certificates on the website might not be significantly easy, and can be completed from their homes at their convenience, which is an overall value ad. They could even get a younger individual to assist them with the process.

Some of the benefits that they receive through the senior citizen’s card are better interest rates at banks and other financial institutions. It also provided discounts when travelling on road, rail or flight as long as they are using a Government service or airline. They do not have to stand in queues when handling Government or administrative work and in many offices even have a separate counter that they can use.

Applying For senior Citizens Card

Applying for senior citizens card has been made easy, as one could easily apply for it through online portals. Not only senior citizens card, one could also apply for birth and death certificate using these online portals. Process is simple and less time taking.