How often do you color your hair? Is the answer yes? Perhaps it’s time to experiment with a new shade and amp up your overall look. Maybe it’s time you hopped on the hair dye bandwagon so you can surprise your girlfriends with a brand new look. I’m not saying you should bleach your hair with peroxide. I’m talking about using a good hair dye to enhance or alter your ordinary locks. Our top reasons to color your hair healthy were provided by Nina Farrauto-Color and Styling Expert at Garnier and Luis Pacheco-Clairol Color Consultant.

Here are 5 tips for boosting your hair color

1. It is good for natural or dyed hair

We used to believe that dying your hair is damaging to your natural hair, but now we don’t think that way. The ingredients in hair dye have significantly improved with new technologies and formulas. “Coloring your hair can provide some benefits, such as sealing down the cuticle for healthier-looking hair. “Fresh colors can also enhance the appearance of fuller hair,” says Farrauto. You can smooth flyaways and fuzz with your favorite hair dye without needing anti-frizz spray.

2. Trends in hair color during the season

Create the looks you see on the runway to develop a hair color you love while staying on top of the latest trends. As a reflection of the changes in fashion clothing, with light colors for spring and summer and darker hues for fall and winter, many people lighten their hair in the summer and darken it in the winter, says Farrauto. You can play up your natural hair color with a trending hair dye whether you’re a trend follower or just want to switch things up between seasons.

3. It covers gray areas

Women of all generations can appreciate a good hair dye to conceal a bad hair day

Symptoms of aging in natural hair. If you wish to be rid of your gray hairs, you can easily color them using at-home hair color kits. The semi-permanent color will stain, or mask the gray in your hair,” Farrauto says.

4. Texture adds depth

If you have limp, flat hair, or if it lacks shine and gleam, a new hair dye can totally revamp your dull strands. According to Pacheco, coloring your hair can bring back your hair’s shine after overexposure and emphasize texture. You can add volume to your hair with the thickening agents found in some hair dyes, but you will always get the full look that comes from changing the color of your hair.

5. You got a haircut

Take advantage of the time you spend at the salon getting a new cut by adding color to the mix. “A new haircut often warrants a new color. A pixie cut, for instance, looks terrific on a blonde like Michelle Williams, so why not take it to the next level? says Pacheco. You can maximize the effect of a daring new cut and hair color if you’re willing to push yourself beyond your beauty comfort zone.