For the first time, the highly awaited Christian film “Journey to Hell” will be shown in select theaters on July 29, 2022. For the first ten months, the film will only be displayed in a few select cities before being made available across the country. ‘Since it deals with a Biblical hell, this picture could very well be the news hunt most significant faith-based movie ever made,’ says director Timothy Chey.

An adaptation of The Pilgrim’s Progress, the novel that became John Bunyan’s most well-known and cherished classic, was made into a film that has gotten rave reviews and sold millions of copies worldwide. It relates the narrative of a man who nearly drowns, suffers from nightmares of hell, and wakes up a changed man.

Here’s the Trailer:

According to one participant, “This movie opened my eyes to the possibility that he’ll exist, which is something that is not what my religion teaches,” at the Epoch Times screening held at Fox Studios. Many people who have india songs seen the film have had nothing but wonderful things to say. Epoch Times sparked a flurry of interest. One explanation for this is the widespread misunderstanding of the existence of hell.

If you live in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, or Honolulu and are interested in signing up for the service, you can do so here. The film will play in all 50 states over the next ten months and will keep playing in new cities throughout the rest of the year. A recent Barna poll found that only half of American Christians believe in the devil’s existence. ‘JOURNEY TO HELL,’ a groundbreaking film, depicts a man’s journey to hell, a replica of that portrayed in the Bible.


Friends of Shane Badman from the Los Angeles region are searching for him on a nearby beach (John Terrell). Next, we see Shane being taken to the adjacent hospital’s emergency room in a life-threatening situation. We can’t help him because he’s already drowned and lost consciousness. We are transported to onlinebahisforum hell after the funeral of Shane’s wife Hannah and their friends, where the ghost of Shane is just beginning to awaken. Because he doesn’t believe it’s genuine, it’s as if he’s in a dream rather than living the moment fully. What an unexpected turn of events.


A gratifying and “very uplifting” ending, says director Timothy Chey. “Our story, in contrast to Bunyan’s, has a happy ending. Because of this, we depict hell in its full horror so that people take it more seriously. Hell should be filled in the middle of our work, and no one should be allowed to enter without our prayers and warning. Chey claims as much.” Heaven is filled with those who came so near to being rescued, according telesup to Spurgeon’s theory. The saying goes, “If hell is going to be filled, let it be full while we’re working.”


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