There are jobs that an inexperienced person cannot do. This is the case that occurs when we want to install new doors in our home or garage. Why hire a carpenter to install our doors? Here, we explain some reasons why it is convenient to have the experience and professionalism of an installer.

Be clear about the type of door you need

The first step we must do is to know what we need. Although we do not know all the details, we must make a list with the characteristics that we want for the doors to be installed in our home or garage.

It is clear that we will not know everything, but we take the first step, and we inform ourselves about the basic aspects of the doors. In this way, when we talk to the installers, we will know what they explain to us and we can ask them more specific questions about our claims or preferences.

Door measurements

Before requesting a quote, we must be clear about the width and height we want for the doors, since depending on the use, we may be interested in enlarging the gap for the passage. For example, if we plan to use a baby stroller, or a family member uses a wheelchair.

Type of opening that we consider to be of interest

Knowing the different types of opening helps us to have a better idea of ​​the type of door that suits us, before requesting a quote, to improve movement and take advantage of the space in our home.

Material of the doors

Know what materials are the most common and already have a preference, to request a more specific budget. The carpenter will inform us better about our choice, or will propose a better alternative.

Appearance or finish that we would like

Having an idea of ​​the type of finish we want, both for the design, so that it combines with the rest of the doors, or the decoration of the house, as well as for the protection that lacquers or paints can give to the door , will help when ordering a budget centered on our preferences.

Hardware for doors

Before requesting a quote, see some types of knobs, hinges, security entrance door locks, or others, that we like. Although surely each installer has many more combinations, models, colors in their catalogs, which will help us with the decision.

What should we ask a door installer carpenter?


We are previously informed of the experience of each carpenter, that is, that they can demonstrate that they have installed doors of the type that we want.

Variety of products

That each one of the potential carpenters to hire has a wide catalog of products. So that our needs can be met without problems when requesting a quote.

We can get all this information before contacting, asking for a quote and hiring a carpenter. In this way we form a first impression of each carpenter that will help us decide on one or the other.

Let the carpenter analyze your needs

Through jacobsen-byg we will be contacted by several installers with whom we can make appointments to visit our home, evaluate and analyze our needs. So that each carpenter knows what we need and what we want, before requesting a quote.

Starting from our initial ideas, the carpenter must guide us to offer us the most suitable doors and explain the reason for each thing he offers us. For example, why one type of opening or another suits us. What is the ideal material, or a finish that gives us more protection; which knob, handle or lock combines best, etc.