With the improving financial condition of people, everyone wants to have a new car at home to enjoy comfort and convenience. As a result, the necessity of buying cars has become undeniable. There are many used car sellers and buyers, selling and purchasing cars depending on their convenience.

But is selling a used car that easy? Since a seller invests a lot of money in the car, selling it at a low price is not so readily accepted by any seller. But you do not need to sell your used car cheaply. You can consider various things before you sell your used car. We have mentioned five of them in this article.

1. Conduct A Thorough Servicing of The Used Car

Selling a used car takes work. Unlike a brand-new car in a showroom, the used vehicles tend to have several engine, interior and exterior problems. That is why a prospective buyer is always interested in checking the car’s engine thoroughly, and going for a test drive is required before making the final decision to purchase.

The buyer will cancel the deal if the test drive shows any misconduct or lack of maintenance. If you want to avoid this problem, we suggest you go for servicing of the car.

Call reliable automobile experts and ask them to check the car’s interior, exterior, engine, etc. If they find any abnormality or flaw in the vehicle, they can inform you in advance so that you can make all the required changes before you decide to sell used car.

You can also request a service report from a dealership to present to a potential buyer. It helps them to get an assurance about the car’s performance. So, keep the vehicle maintained to get a good deal when you sell your old car.

2. Get The Papers Ready

If you want to sell your used car, the first and crucial thing that comes to mind is to prepare all the documents. Proper documentation is required to initiate the entire sales process. For example, you must have a valid Registration certificate, Pollution under Control certificate, No objection certificate, Insurance certificate, etc., to keep the car’s selling process smooth.

During the selling of the car, if the papers are not up-to-date, it might create a problem during the sale. Moreover, according to automobile law, the official transfer of all the documents to the new owner of a used car is mandatory. So, if you still need an updated RC or any other certificate ready, consider finishing the process before you decide to sell your used car to someone because the transfer of documents is time-consuming. If you do not transfer the documents to the new owner, it may negatively impact you later.

3. Get The Car’s Valuation Done

Usually, a car’s value depreciates around 5% 3 to 5 years after buying it. However, the depreciation rate varies depending on the car’s present condition, how much mileage it has been driven, etc. So, if you plan to sell your used car, checking the car’s valuation is another essential thing to do.

Most of the time, if you are a novice and want to sell your used car to a dealership, they might offer you a much lower price. On the other hand, if you sell your used car to expert buyers, they will try to provide you with much less for the vehicle. As a result, you will not get the price you require after selling the car.

However, if you want to avoid any last-minute surprises like this, you can opt for having thorough knowledge regarding your car’s present condition and how much price money you can get after selling the used car. That is why getting your car’s valuation done is another wise thing.

The most important parameters considered to calculate a used car’s present worth are its mileage, model year, fuel type, service history, accident history, transmission type, etc. Also, the colour sometimes becomes a huge deciding factor in choosing a car’s present worth. So, consider your car’s valuation so that you do not get fooled by any clever car dealer or purchaser. Also, remember that a car’s value is estimated depending on its segment.

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4. Look out for The Outer Part

You might be aware of the famous sentence that implies that first impressions matter. It does not matter how thoroughly you check the car; if the car’s outer part is full of dents and scratches, it will always create a wrong impression on the purchaser. Of course, the servicing part is essential, but the buyer would not prefer to check the car further if the vehicle shows the previous owner’s negligence. Most of the time, it drives away a potential buyer.

Ensure that your car is capable of creating an excellent visual impression. You can paint the car and make changes to cover the dents and scratches. This makeover costs a few thousand rupees but it is a wise investment.

Also, sometimes, a car, if not used or maintained much, may have foul odours, which can also drive away the buyers. However, applying good quality wax can help your car regain its long-lost beauty and brightness, giving the vehicle a new and fresh look. A nice makeover by investing a little money will always create a great impression on the buyer’s mind about the used car, making them want to purchase the same.

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5. Create A Tempting Advertisement of The Used Car

It does not matter how much you know about cars; if you want to sell used cars, you must reach out to potential buyers and display your car’s worth. Even though this only applies to car sellers opting for advertisement, it is one of the most effective methods of selling used cars. Also, it is considered a smart way if you want to rely on no one but yourself to sell your old car.

We suggest you plan calmly before you finally opt for advertisements to sell your used car. Create an eye-catching advertisement by writing a short yet exciting description of the vehicle. Provide the car’s features, and as the call of action, you can provide your phone number so that potential buyers can call you if they want.

You can also include an impressive headline and some colourful photographs of the car taken from every angle. You may also take some shots of the main features of the car to increase the interest among the car buyers.

If the formation of the advertisement is done correctly, you are likely to get calls within days. Also, mention the mode of payment so that it will create a more straightforward approach, making the purchasers rely on the advertisement. Since it offers a win-win condition to the buyers and sellers, it will enhance the chance of the sale.


After the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, the sale of used cars has become unimaginable. Since people choose convenience over luxury, used cars are now storming the market. So, keep your used car in top-notch condition so that you can get the best deal when you pref