Plus-size women often struggle to find clothing that combines style and comfort, yet now there are more fashionable plus-size top options than ever. Ranging from flowy tunics to chic blouses, there are numerous styles that will help make you feel great while looking your best. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most stylish and trendy plus size tops for women available and provide tips on how to wear them properly.

Cotton Linen Tops:

Cotton linen tops are essential pieces in every plus-size women’s closet for warmer climates, offering comfort, lightweightness, a variety of styles and colors, making for chic yet casual outfits. Pair them with bell bottom jeans for women or plus size jeans for women to complete the look.

Centre Pleat Tops: 

Centre pleat tops offer plus-size women ample coverage while remaining fashionable. These tops feature an appealing pleat down the center front that adds interest and can help create a balanced silhouette. Pair these pieces with slim-fit pants or high waist pants for women for a stylish ensemble.

Concealed Placket Shirt: 

A concealed placket shirt is an indispensable classic that can easily transition between formal and casual environments. Perfect for work or a night out, they come in various colors and styles for both women and men alike – pair one with skinny jeans or longline skirt for an effortlessly sophisticated look.

Longline Top: 

Longline tops offer extra coverage while remaining stylish, making them the ideal option for plus-size women. Available in various styles and designs, longline tops can easily be dressed up or down. Pair yours with leggings, skinny jeans or experiment it with bell bottom jeans for women or even bell bottom pants for women to achieve the ideal casual yet fashionable look.

Wrap Top: 

Wrap tops are timeless classics that can easily be dressed up or down. Perfect for both formal events and casual brunch with friends, pair your wrap top with bell-bottom pants for women or pencil skirt for a chic and sophisticated look.

Off-Shoulder Tops: 

Off-shoulder tops offer plus-size women an elegant way to show off their shoulders without baring too much skin. There are casual and dressy versions, perfect for pairing with bell bottom jeans for women or skirts.

Peplum Tops: 

Peplum tops offer plus-size women a feminine and flattering option that helps create hourglass figures. These tops have a peplum around their waistline that features a flared ruffle or peplum that creates an hourglass shape, and pair beautifully with skinny jeans or pencil skirts for an elegant finish.

Tunic Tops: 

Tunic tops offer plus-size women a versatile solution. Wearable as both dresses or with leggings/jeans, these versatile tops can easily transform from casual to dressy depending on how the wearer accessories them. These truly give a bohemian look and would make you get all the attention. 

Cold Shoulder Tops: 

Cold shoulder tops are an attractive and fashionable choice for plus-size women, featuring cutouts at the shoulders to add interest and help balance out silhouettes. Pair one of these chic yet comfortable styles with skinny jeans or long skirts for an effortlessly chic and comfortable look.

Crop Tops: 

Plus-size women can also enjoy wearing crop tops. Wear one with high-waisted jeans or skirt, and look for ones with built-in bras or thick straps that provide ample coverage and support. This look is definitely the killer one and would sure make many necks sore. 

Some Additional Tips

When wearing stylish tops, it’s essential to remember a few tips to ensure you look and feel your best. First, ensure the top fits properly with adequate coverage; avoid tops that are too tight or loose, as this can be unflattering. Secondly, pair it with bottoms that flatter your body shape – for instance if you have pear-shaped hips try choosing trousers with waistline-hugging features to balance out hips. And lastly don’t hesitate to add accessories – add a statement necklace or pair of earrings if necessary to complete the look.


plus-size women have plenty of stylish and fashionable top options available to them when it comes to tops. From cotton linen tops to wrap tops, there’s something suitable for every body shape and personal style preference. By following these tips and experimenting with various styles, plus-size women can confidently wear any outfit they choose – remember, fashion is about self-expression and feeling good in yourself.