Ultra Power 777 is the best start for your gambling journey. Here’s why!

If you are just getting started gambling and trying to find a platform with exceptional bonuses, we’ve got you. Ultra Power 777 definitely has some of the best types of promotions you can dream of. 

Without further ado, let’s discuss the bonuses you must keep an eye on!

Ultra Power 777: New Player Bonuses

Ultra Power 777 has a whole bunch of bonuses. And they start to get on your way in a second you step on the platform. 

The new player bonuses start with new free spins and no deposit bonuses. That bonus is a welcome gift that you receive during the registration process. And it helps you kick-start your gambling!

The amount of no deposit bonus varies. For instance, if you register on ultra power via BitOfGold’s online casino, you can get up to a $100 bonus!

After a sign-up bonus, there come deposit match bonuses. Let’s explain the concept.

Whenever you deposit on the platform, you get a certain percentage of your bonus as a gift. For example, Ultra Power 777 gives you a 50% first deposit match bonus. So, suppose you deposit $20. You will see $30 on your balance instantly.

The same goes for second and third deposits. However, for this time, you get a 20% deposit match bonus for both deposits.

There’s another opportunity for new players that allows you to have the best time of your life while playing with friends!

With the referral program, you can invite your friends to the platform. When they accept your invite and make an account, you will both receive a $10 referral bonus on your account balances!

Ultra Power 777: Loyalty Programs

Ultra Power 777 promotional opportunities don’t stop only on new players. Once you become a loyal customer, you’ll be eligible for a number of bonuses we will discuss in a second.

Suppose you registered on Ultra Power’s platform via BitOfGold. That immediately makes you a part of a User Role bonus system. You get an automatic “Regular” status which you can upgrade to higher ones when you keep playing.

For example, once your total wages exceed the $2,500 mark, you upgrade to “Master” status. That means you will receive a 5% cashback on all your deposits. 

Upgrading your status will lead you to a final “King” player status, which means a 20% bonus on each of your deposits!

Besides user role bonuses, there’s a birthday bonus helping you celebrate. You can get a 50% deposit match bonus on each deposit you make on your birthday so that you can enjoy doing your favorite activity and have fun on your special day!

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