You may have seen a range of fashionable wigs. If the wig can’t give you confidence, it’s a failure. We’ve put together this quick guide on choosing a wig, so you can feel comfortable wearing one.

Lace Wigs

Full lace wigs have entire base of the wig or whole head section covered by that same lace material. They are made to blend well with the wearer’s natural hair. Onlookers shouldn’t be able to tell this person is wearing a wig, then boom! Failed! That’s why a hairpiece that can guarantee the most-realistic hairline is the key. That’s why lace front wigs have a say. 

Lace front wigs are simply wigs with the front of the base made of lace. Lace is one of the most common ways to make something look natural and allow it to breathe. The lace melts perfectly into the wearer’s natural scalp, giving a natural, authentic hairline. 

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Wigs With Mono Filament Bases

Monofilament is a much stronger material for wig bases and lasts longer than most other wigs. It also gives the wearer a real-looking, natural-looking scalp and makes the wig move naturally. 

Monofilament refers to both the actual wig cap and the sheer material from which it is made. You have a lot of style possibilities with this type of hat because there are several methods to divide the hair.

Top Tip: Be cautious when styling with heated tools like straighteners or hair dryers, as it is straightforward to harm synthetic hair with these tools!

Hand-Tied Monofilament Full-Cap Wigs

Additionally, hand-tied or sewn-in monofilament caps are available. Hand-tied caps give the scalp a soft layer, but both methods provide the same look. The wig will fit better and create an even layer, thanks to the reduced number of seams, giving the whole item a more natural appearance.

Styles and Color

If you’re a low-maintenance wig user and need help figuring out where to begin when styling a wig, why not get a few wigs in different styles you like? This will significantly simplify your life.

We are aware that the impulse to try a completely new look might be overwhelming for some people. If you’re determined to remodel yourself, go for it! 

However, I suggest you want something that looks more natural. In that case, we always recommend matching your hair or brow color as nearly as possible.


We’ve briefly shown you some of the best wigs. If you have questions or are keen on learning more about choosing the best wigs to cope with hair loss, please dig into today’s wig distribution websites for women’s hair systems and men’s hair systems.