-Do you think life is all easy when you are arrested for a DWI?

It is not, certainly.

The aftermath of the incident might result in strong waves of trouble lashing onto your shores of normalcy and peaceful life.

No, we are not intentionally making you frightened. Instead, we intend to inform you of the possible perils after you are arrested for a DWI charge.

The first thing we would be suggesting you is to get DWI criminal defense lawyer for you in Missouri or any other state. Shed your fear and read this article here.

What Is Dwi?

The full form of DWI is driving while Intoxicated.

Do you think that you will be arrested by the traffic authorities if you consume and drive? Of Course not.

Drinking isn’t prohibited in the USA. You are in a democracy. But you need to be bound by laws. Let’s break these in minute detail.

Legal Age Limits And Charges

Discussion of the Context of Missouri, The legal drinking age is 21 years. It’s a crime if you drink alcohol below the age limits.

Now when you drink and hit the highways, you might be chased by the traffic officers.

You will have to go by instant testing (BAC). You need to ensure that your BAC is under 0.08%. If the BAC level crosses the watermark, you are in troubled waters.

If you are below 21, the BAC is 0.02% in this case. This type of policy is called zero tolerance law.

This is low, and it does not take much alcohol to raise an underaged driver. So trouble’s waiting.

Therefore, It is always safe if you consult a DWI criminal defense lawyer to get a clear picture of this.

What Happens When You Get A DWI?

As mentioned above, if you get a DWI, you will have to prepare and prepare hard. So let us tell you this.

Let’s now discuss the topic of focus, the perils.

1. Arrest

If you are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, you will be put in a police vehicle.

The police will take to the nearby police station. They will take your photography and fingerprint to move for the proceedings to follow.

2. Appearing In Court

The authorities will give you time to fight your defense. Then, they will send you a summons to tell you that you have to appear in court.

Technically it denotes that you get time to discuss things with your lawyer. Therefore you must hire a DWI criminal defense lawyer whenever the situation arises.

3. Losing Your Driver’s License

Now, what’s worse than this? You are stripped of your right to hit the streets. This is pathetic, to say the least.

Remember, the first DWI offense comes under Class B Misdemeanor. So if you commit this for the first time, you come under administrative penalties and license suspension.

The civil administration will suspend your license for 90 days. A second DWI charge will suspend your license for more than 1 year (365days).

Finally, when it comes down to the third one, you will have your driving license suspended for more than 10 long years, and this is indelible.

Therefore the defense mechanism has to be highly active on your part. Your DWI criminal defense lawyers will guide you on this.

4. Fines And Community Service

The state’s laws are ruthless, even in your pockets. When you are convicted of DWI, the judge presiding over your case has the authority to impose fines up to $500 for the first-time offenders.

If you do it repeatedly, you will have to pay more than $1000. So keep your DWI criminal defense law firm ready to fight your case. Remember that your defense is not that easy.

Other than this, you will also have to offer community service so that it establishes the guilt from within. Therefore you need to be aware of this.


DWIs in the USA are punishable offenses, and strict laws and legislation govern this.

The Missouri laws have their own course, and you might have to go through all that mentioned above.

The lawmakers had made the legislative tightening to prevent and restrict your happiness and ecstasy, bringing darkness into others’ lives for good.

Laws are framed so that you enjoy freedom in a democratic country.