It is a common concern to lose hair, and it can be stressful right? Many people all around the world experience unnatural hair loss as they go through their daily lives. This affects their self-esteem and even their overall well-being. So, why do we lose hair in the first place though? Well, there are many reasons as you can imagine. Understanding the reasons behind hair loss is great. Then comes the way of preventing it. It is a great way to prevent or stop it, so if you are ready we can look at some reasons.

We will look at a scale called the Norwood scale to see what kind of hair loss patterns there are. If you are ready, let’s see.

Genetics and Hereditary Factors

This is the first on the list, because it is probably the most prevalent reason why people are losing hair. Genetics are pure luck, if you ask many. So, do not beat yourself over it. Genetics play a huge role in hair loss. The most common type is this– it is also called androgenetic alopecia. This is largely inherited. So, what can you do about it? Not much. We know it is sad, but not everything is lost! You can try hair transplant, which is a successful procedure with high technology involved such as FUE or DHI.

Hormonal Changes

Excessive levels of any hormone, including DHT, can be problematic in both men and women. DHT can be harmful for those already struggling with hair loss. Excessive levels of this hormone, which is generated from testosterone, can lead to balding. Yikes! But what causes this to occur? Well, the shrinking of hair follicles is what leads to thinning when DHT levels are too high. Hair loss can also be caused by the hormonal shifts that occur during pregnancy and menopause. As a result, if you’re having hair loss, you should definitely have your hormones evaluated first.

Medical Conditions and Hair Loss

Many medical disorders and long-term pharmaceutical usage can have noticeable physical effects. Chemotherapy drugs are among those that might have the adverse effect of hair loss. Be informed about the possible side effects of any medication you take, including antidepressants, which may include hair loss. Always. If you are losing your hair, of course. Hormonal shifts aren’t the only reason for hair loss; conditions like scalp infections and thyroid issues can contribute, too.

Hair Loss Types

If you are experiencing male pattern baldness, there are ways to check what kind of hair loss you are experiencing. The Norwood scale is especially helpful for this as it is a classification system that shows stages of hair loss. Amazing, right? The scale goes from stage one to seven which is the highest, showing the results depending on the harshness of hair loss.

From genetics to environmental factors and stress, there are many reasons that can cause hair loss as you have seen. Which one is yours? There are scales to look at if you are experiencing hair loss, and it is always the best to get medically checked. This way, you can explore treatment options such as hair transplant or medications, and follow the best path for yourself. And keep in mind that you can always go for professional help for hair loss. We would recommend Asmed for professional hair loss and hair transplant questions.