Our hair is very important in providing aesthetic beauty. The same is done with the wigs such as Lace Closure Wigs. If men are going to start preparing for social activity, they first start with their hair. In fact, most of the time, a man just takes care of his hair and gets ready. Women also spend most of their makeup and preparation time with their hair. Losing our hair greatly affects our self-confidence and therefore our social relationships. Hair loss is a problem that men often face. Because hair loss is largely genetic and hormonal. This problem, known as genetic or male pattern hair loss, corresponds to 95% of the hair loss problem seen in men.

In other words, 95 out of every 100 men who face the problem of hair loss are diagnosed with genetic, that is, male pattern hair loss. The cause of the problem is related to the male hormone Testosterone. It occurs during adolescence and later years.

How is androgenetic hair loss in men?

This type of shedding is common in people whose parents have hair lossThe source of the problem is testosterone. Along with testosterone, DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is secreted. DHT reaches the hair-forming cell and damages it. In the first place, it slows down the quality and growth rate of the hair. Hair follicles with reduced quality are shed to be renewed after 3-4 months of life instead of living for 2-10 years normally. In this way, the baldness process called Alopecia appears. The problem in genetic shedding is seen in the form of dilution in the temples or the vertex region.

What is ringworm, and why does it happen?

Another common cause of hair loss is ringworm. It is a problem that men often face. It is the loss of hair at one or more points of the hair without any symptoms due to the bad effects of stress, sadness, and depressed mood on the immune system. Loss of all hair is called Alopecia Totalis, if it results in the shedding of other hairs on our body as well as hair, it is called Alopecia Universalis. Since the source of the problem is often stress and sadness, the most important stage of treatment is getting rid of these problems. There are herbal and scientific methods for its treatment and it is tried.

External Factors Causing Hair Loss

If no medical problem has been detected in the person, it can be said that the causes of hair loss are caused by external factors. In order to determine the factors that cause this, first of all, the person’s smoking habit and diet should be questioned. Mistakes made in nutrition, especially a poor diet in terms of vitamins and minerals, are effective in hair loss. If these are taken insufficiently, the hair will not be able to benefit from them, since there is enough intake for the metabolism.

Smoking, which reduces the absorption of vitamins taken into the body, can trigger shedding when used excessively. Therefore, people who have such a problem should first consume foods with high nutritional value in their diet and review their smoking habits. Those who have hair loss problems should question their habits about whether the care they apply to their hair is sufficient because not paying attention to hair care is among the causes of hair loss.

Hair loss may occur in case of inadequate hair care, as the hair is adversely affected by cold air, polluted air, wind, dust and sun. When this is not done enough, the hair loses its moisture and because they do not look as healthy as before, there is a problem of shedding. Here, inadequate hygiene and care also occur as one of the causes of hair loss.

One of the reasons for hair loss is the structure of the scalp. The scalp should be kept healthy with good care. The scalp should be clean and the necessary care should be taken to purify the skin from oil. Bacteria that may occur on the scalp should be prevented. One of the causes of hair loss can be controlled by applying regular massage to the scalp, especially with natural oils.

How to prevent hair loss?

First of all, it is necessary to know the cause of the problem and the type of shedding. To find out, hair analysis and examination can be done in an aesthetic centre. If the problem you are experiencing is genetic shedding, which we call male type, it is recommended by various people to use sprays containing Procapil, which has a DHT suppressive effect, as well as tablets containing Finasteride. But such solutions are temporary and stop the process. It also does not restore hair. Hair transplantation is a definite and permanent solution. With this operation performed with hair follicles taken from the nape or various parts of the body, the destruction of hair loss is minimized.

The first thing to do the problem of ringworm is to get rid of the problems that cause the problem such as stress, sadness, and depressed mood. In this process, the person experiencing the problem should thoroughly accept that; ringworm is temporary and will eventually regain its hair. Although eliminating stress and sadness is the first goal, this process can be accelerated with various drugs or herbal treatments. First of all, you must be mentally prepared for treatment. When you get yourself ready for treatment, you can get rid of the problem completely within 1-6 months by starting the garlic method, as well as the application of cortisone and SADBE recommended by experts. If still, you have no clue and gone bald, you can use a good quality wig such as Frontal Wigs.

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