The one thing I dislike about applying makeup is removing it, but it must be done. I find it very irritating to have to use so many make-up remover pads and to have to dispose of so much waste daily! It is for this reason that I am intrigued by the makeup remover cloth. It removes makeup without adding a lot of trash to our disposal bin. In addition, it is extremely gentle on your skin and is chemical-free.

In case you are searching for makeup remover cloth, this can be your top choice. Bisous cloth is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, it removes makeup with only warm water.

How do makeup remover clothes work?

There is a fluffy and fleecy cloth made of ultra-soft polyester inside the make-up eraser. Makeup can be effectively removed by wetting the fibers with warm water. They are about half a centimeter long. Rub the product on your face in small circular motions and dry and exfoliate with the other side. Unlike many other cleansers, it does not contain any additives or chemicals that can cause irritation to the skin.

Does it remove anything?

You can remove all types of makeup like powder, foundation, concealers, lipstick, smear-proof and waterproof makeup just by wiping gently. Your skin will feel fresh without any residue left behind.

What is a makeup remover cloth used for?

It is made of many threads on a small surface area, so it is more effective than a normal washcloth at removing makeup.

Friction is improved as a result of this. Makeup can be lifted from the skin by the fibers. With the cloth, makeup is able to be grabbed more easily causing fewer irritations.

Because the fibers are smaller, they are able to penetrate finer makeup particles and clean more thoroughly.

The cloth is also highly absorbent, so it doesn’t just smear your makeup everywhere when you wipe it off. The dirt sticks to the cloth rather than falling off because of the fibres that bind the dirt.

Benefits of Makeup Remover Cloths

The following things can be done with make-up remover cloths:

Minimizing waste – Although makeup remover cloths may seem expensive at first, you’ll end up paying less over time as you only need to buy one cloth instead of purchasing makeup removers, wipes, cotton pads, etc.

Using make-up removers sparingly – if you have extremely sensitive skin that gets irritated and affected by makeup removers, then make-up eraser cloths are the perfect solution for you.

The cloth can be used to exfoliate your skin gently. Additionally, you do not have to rinse your face afterwards.

Here are our recommendations:

In addition to the make-up eraser, you may also use other make-up erasers. You should use this cloth to first cleanse your face and remove what you can before using cotton pads and a make-up eraser to remove stubborn residue. In this way, you reduce the production of waste and products.