The Reserve Bank of India conducts an annual exam to recruit for some of the leading positions in this premier banking institution. Being the central bank of the country, these positions at the RBI are held in high regard and therefore, the RBI grade B exam is highly competitive.

How To Become An RBI Assistant?

An RBI assistant is responsible for the maintenance of ledgers, receipts, and files and for maintaining all communication. This job entails a huge responsibility to the office and therefore the selection process can be quite tiresome. In addition to the lucrative salary that this position commands, it comes with many benefits and perks as well. An RBI assistance gets a generous House Rent Allowance, Vehicle Reimbursement, Medical Expenses, etc.

Since the position is extremely sought after and lakhs of candidates apply for it, the examination process has been designed to sieve through the numbers and trickle down to a select, special few. If you are someone who is interested in the position and would like to know more, read on.


The RBI has laid down certain eligibility criteria for candidates to apply for this exam.

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India, Nepal, Bhutan, or a Tibetan refugee who came to India before 1st January 1962. A candidate who is originally from India but has migrated to Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and other mentioned countries, may also apply.
  • The candidate is required to hold a minimum educational qualification of a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum mark of 50%. These eligibility criteria are different for various reserved categories. It is also required that any person applying for this position must be proficient in the language of the State.
  • The general age limit to apply for this exam is between 20-28 years, however, these are relaxed for the reserved categories.

The Exam Pattern:

The RBI Grade B exam for the post of RBI Assistant is held in three phases-

  • Phase 1 which is a multiple-choice exam
  • Phase 2 which is also multiple choice
  • And the final stage or the language proficiency test

The phase 1 exam for the RBI grade B consists of multiple-choice questions related to Numerical Ability, Reasoning, and Language. The pattern for the phase 2 exams is similar, except that it also includes questions related to general awareness and current affairs.

To prepare for the RBI Grade B exam-

  1. Know the syllabus- The candidate must know the syllabus through and through. This will help you to organize your preparation and strategize based on which topics need the most of your time and attention.
  2. Schedule yourself- Just like you make time to eat and sleep in the day, you must make a schedule for what you are going to study and when. This helps to keep you focussed and you can do more in a day with this strategy.
  3. Read newspapers and magazines- Pick up good daily newspapers and read the latest goings-on in the world. Some magazines also publish very insightful articles regarding various topics. A list of these can be found in BYJU’s exam prep.
  4. Attempt mock exams- There are many mock tests available online. Be sure to practice timing yourself while you attempt them. This will save you a lot of time during the actual exam.
  5. Solve Previous year’s papers- A lot of questions or topics tend to get repeated throughout the course of an exam. Since this is an annual exam, it is likely that some of the topics and questions may be repeated.
  6. Stay motivated- It is easy to feel lost when confronted with a sea of information. Tackle small chunks at a time and celebrate when you finish certain portions. This will motivate you to keep going.

The RBI Grade B exam is conducted for some very prestigious positions in the banking sector. Thousands will be thronging to take that place, but what will set you apart is your structured preparation and the certainty that you are about to succeed.