If you find yourself in search of a probate lawyer near me, then you are likely grieving the loss of a special loved one. The last thing people want to deal with after the tragic loss of a loved one is complex legal or financial issues. They are already dealing with a rush of emotions in connection with their loss as well as trying to plan a funeral. Unfortunately, it is most often a necessity. Even if there is an existing will in place, a probate attorney is necessary to guide the family through the process of closing the estate.

There are many steps that must be taken in accordance with state law. Grieving families who are unfamiliar with the law can easily overlook details in the process. Working with a probate lawyer helps speed things up and make it a smoother experience so that families can focus on healing after the trauma of the tragedy they’ve endured. Here’s what you need to know about the role of a probate lawyer.

The Probate Process

The probate process is the legal process of closing out a decedent’s estate after they have passed, and there are several steps involved. Certain paperwork must first be filed in accordance with state law, and hearings must be scheduled. If a legal will exists, its authenticity must be validated before the process can proceed.

A probate attorney is called to identify, evaluate, and secure a decedent’s assets. They will get appraisals on any real property that exists and start the process of collecting any life insurance proceeds. After which, a probate attorney will help determine outstanding debts and advise the family on how to satisfy them. They will help the family file the final tax return before disbursing the remaining assets.

Why work with a probate lawyer?

Working with a probate attorney near me helps speed up the entire probate process after the loss of a loved one. It also relieves the family of the undue stress of dealing with complex legal issues. Instead, the family can focus on healing and celebrating the life lived by their loved one. The nuances of the probate process are different in every state, and a licensed probate attorney is versed in the laws of the state in which they operate.

A probate lawyer near me also helps minimize or completely prevent disputes over assets between family members. They track down and notify potential heirs to a decedent’s estate before the final disbursement of assets. Probate attorneys help to prevent frivolous lawsuits that clog up the courts and slow down the entire process.

Partner with a Probate Lawyer Near Me Today

Probate attorneys are also licensed to help with the estate planning process. They can help write a legal will, set up guardianship, or even create a trust. You can search for a probate lawyer near me and prepare your estate ahead of time. It’s always best to choose a probate attorney before a loved one passes. There are some probate attorneys who service entire families. Determine your specific estate planning needs and partner with a probate lawyer who can help you today.