Most people do not have much knowledge as to how they can install a purifier. Although technicians can do this job, they might not be available sometimes. Therefore, people should know the basic steps regarding installing and uninstalling such machines. One can ensure drinking water always if one knows these simple steps.

Most people in India use reverse osmosis purifiers in their homes. However, due to a lack of knowledge, they often have trouble managing them. Therefore, people must contact technicians or research solutions for these problems online. For example, someone living in Kolkata can use the keywords water purifier service near me in Kolkata for this job.

Using such keywords, a person can find reliable sources to help them. One should also know the tools they should use for such processes and their costs.

Unpacking a Purifier

There are several steps that a person should follow to install a cleaner. The first and obvious step involves unpacking and unboxing the water cleaner. After unpacking the machine, one would need to go through the instruction manuals given in the box.

After unpacking, one must also take out all the necessary accessories. These include the filter, the membrane (if any), pipes, valves, screws, bolts, and other similar tools. One should remove the poly packing along with these things.

Choosing the Perfect Spot for Installation

The next step involves choosing a good place for installation. One should choose a spot with enough free space. They should place the machine at a good height, making it easy to reach. No one should place it directly over a tap or in a spot exposed to sunlight or moisture.

Adjusting the Water Pressure

Technicians should always check the pressure of the tap water and pressure flow. Generally, the pressure should be below 2000 RPM. This is crucial since the levels above can damage the cleaner’s working. The water tap pressure should be between 0.3 kg/sq cm to 2kg/sq cm. Pressure, more than this, can cause stress on the machine’s parts.

One should place the water tank at a height of 8 metres above the cleaner. This can help the tap water pressure to remain low and not rise too much. One must also check signs of dust and contaminants in the water before installation. A person should check the pipelines and the filters properly before this.

Choosing the Perfect Socket

The following step involves choosing an electric socket. One should place the cleaner where a 5 amp circuit is just 1 metre away. One should connect the socket to an inverter if one can afford it.

Closing Water Supply and Preventing Leaks

One should close the water supply before the installation. They should also remove the nearest water tap and valve. One should place a water diverter in its spot. To prevent leakage, a person should add Teflon tape at the diverter’s end. One should place the external thread where they removed the valve.

One should again reinstall the water tap with Teflon tape. Then they should connect a thin water pipe to the valve. This pipe will connect the water cleaner to the main water supply.

Drilling Holes

One should drill holes in their walls for installation. However, they should drill at least 1.5 feet from where they cook their food. Each of the holes should be 8 mm deep. There should be at least four holes drilled for installing this machine. For example, one can use keywords like RO Service in Kolkata to know more.

Placing Plastic and Metal

One should place plastic inserts in each of these holes. Then they should attach a metallic tray to the holes. They should then open the cleaner’s back cover before installation. A person should attach all parts as per the instruction manual. They should connect the water pipe attached to the valve to the machine’s water tank.

The Last Step

One must not start using the water cleaner immediately after installing it. They should drain the machine’s filter first to remove all present impurities. Once they have done this, the machine is ready for use.

How to Uninstall a Purifier

One must disconnect all the tubes and wires attached to the water cleaner for uninstalling. They should drain the water tank before removal. One should also remove the filter faucets from the spot by unplugging the screws and metal tray.