It is challenging enough going outside in winter, let alone finding an iced windscreen, and the car door is frozen shut. Failing to gain access is frustrating and inconvenient, whether you are dealing with a frozen door seal, handle, or door frame. However, the solution depends on the problem, so don’t yank the door repeatedly trying to fix it. At Quickpro Locksmith, we can dispatch a professional auto locksmith in Atlanta to your location within a moment’s notice. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, here are several options to help ease the situation without causing further damage.

Try Another Door

The quickest and easiest option is to try another door based on your car’s positioning. If one side is not sheltered, chances are it is less likely to be frozen. Find a door that is exposed to sunlight, and once you gain access, start the engine and turn on the fans to circulate warm air. This helps to thaw the frozen doors, preventing damage. In case all the doors are frozen, we recommend hiring an emergency locksmith in Atlanta for professional help.

Push, Don’t Pull

As mentioned, yanking a frozen door can cause severe damage. However, a firm shove can remove thin ice holding your door shut. The most effective technique is to put your hand against the door and lean towards the car for a firm push. The last thing you want is a sudden slam cracking your window along with the ice. Repeat the process at least three times, and if the door doesn’t budge, call a locksmith in College Park to help you gain access.

Scrap Off Surface Ice

Sometimes it is a minor problem like a stuck door handle, and mild chipping with a scrapper can restore function. Check along the door’s edge for signs of ice formation, and work slowly with your scrapper to remove as much as possible. Try pushing the door gently as you chip away to make it more effective, and help the process move faster. Once all the ice is removed, try to unlock the door, but if it fails, you may require the expertise of an experienced locksmith in College Park.


Chemical de-icer is made to clear windscreens, but it can open stuck locks and doors. The chemical is disintegrating the ice that’s stopping the door from opening, whether it is the rubber seal stuck to the bodywork or a frozen handle. Like most chemicals, you shouldn’t use a de-icer regularly to avoid lock damage. These are effective and easy solutions to eliminate the inconveniences of lockout emergencies. The last thing you want is standing in a freezing parking lot without a professional locksmith you can call. You can avoid such scenarios by having a reputable locksmith in College Park for quality emergency services.

If your car door or lock is frozen shut, try these fast solutions to help you gain access. Contact us at Quickpro Locksmith to talk to our experienced and highly trained technicians. We offer a wide range of services at competitive rates, from lock installation to routine maintenance and repairs.