The benefits of volunteering are well documented, along with the good it does for others.

Volunteering brings people together from different areas of life and sometimes makes for a very diverse group. Forming alliances through volunteer projects is a great way to spread generosity and also make friends and acquaintances of the same mindset.

A good way to recognize others in the community working together on volunteer projects is by making custom t-shirts. Matching shirts make for camaraderie amongst the group and draw interest from the public in the form of free advertising for the charity.

For what to look for in custom volunteer t-shirts and the companies who print them, see below for some tips.

Look For Discounts

In working for a charity, there usually isn’t much of a budget for expenses, and that being said, finding a company that will print custom volunteer t-shirts at a discount is a bonus. Most companies consider the quantity being ordered, and it will become cheaper the more shirts that you order. If you are from a large charity or have a fair amount of turnover, consider buying popular sizes in bulk to save money on continued reprints.

Fabric And Style

When choosing material for the custom volunteer t-shirts, consider the project details before picking a fabric. If you are largely working indoors in air conditioning, where it may get chilly, a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt might be perfect. For outdoor projects like park or beach cleanups out in the sunshine, a moisture-wicking fabric with short sleeves is a great choice to keep people cool and dry while hard at work.

Inclusive Sizing

With a large group of volunteers, you will need to account for a diverse range of sizes. Choose a company that can accommodate your group with both children’s and adult sizing, including plus size as well as big and tall selections. Making everyone feel welcome and included goes a long way when looking for volunteers for your group.

Get Creative

You want your shirts to not only get the message across but look good as well. Get creative! Check your volunteer group for people who can use their particular skill set in advertising and design or artists to help out the cause. Often companies that print custom volunteer t-shirts have many free designs and templates available to you to help the cause.

Stand Out In The Crowd

Set your group apart by ordering custom volunteer t-shirts from a company that can work with you on some of the ideas above, such as savings or discounts for orders in bulk. You will stand out in the crowd with your creative designs and spread the good word about volunteering to make a difference.

Reputable companies will likely offer a satisfaction guarantee to make sure that you are satisfied with their products. Be sure to ask about shipping policies; some companies will offer free shipping for charities on standard orders and discounts on rush shipping.