So you’ve taken the big step and decided to change the power system of your business to clean solar energy. That’s great. However, if you are finding it difficult to know which sort of commercial solar installation to use, this article is for you.

Commercial solar installation may seem like a lot at the onset, but once you’re done with the installation process, you won’t regret taking this step.

There are many alternatives when thinking of commercial solar installation, so we will be showing you a run-through of those alternatives, keeping in mind that each also depends on which suits you more.

  • Roof-Mounted Solar Installations

This is the apparent first choice people think of during installation. This is because you make good use of the space on top of your building while still keeping it from being seen by customers.

The roof designs of commercial buildings aren’t all the same. So there are still other ways the solar cells can be installed, taking into account the type of roof you use.

  • Standard Roof Mounting

Sometimes mistaken for a residential rooftop because it conforms to the outline of your roof. It is used chiefly for eateries, churches, and small companies.

  • Single-Slanted Even Roof Mounting

This sort is primarily for companies with available free roof spaces, used more by large businesses, e.g., warehouses.

  • Double-Slanted Even Roof Mounting

This is quite close to the single-slanted but instead uses the cells looking towards both angles. This racking is best for businesses with little space to maximize power creation.

  • Terrain-Mounted Solar installation

This commercial solar installation is typically seen to be used if you want to create large-scale electricity. For commercial intent, either for your business or to sell with free land, installing this is the best option as it saves cost and time.

There are two types of terrain mount systems. The first is the standard terrain mount system, which is made with metallic castings that are pushed into the ground, maintaining the panel at a certain angle.

The next are pole mounts, which elevate the solar cells from the ground. They can be installed with trailing systems that move towards the sun.

This commercial solar installation is the perfect choice for businesses with insufficient rooftops. It also helps improve your company’s reputation because the customers can see it.

  • Carport Installation System

This commercial solar installation utilizes the carports or parking spaces. The parking spaces most times aren’t used to their maximum capacity.

For businesses with intentions of increasing their electricity creation, Carports can be installed with solar systems on their roofs to provide that extra electricity.

It can be easy to maintain and efficient as it also serves as shade, which is a nice comfort boost for your employees and customers.


Now you know which commercial solar installation technique would be best for your business, the next step is to call professionals from Amp Solar Squad for the setup. We are a trusted solar installation company with years of experience. Once that is completed, your business will reap the benefits of cleaner energy. Good luck with that.