hand tools Important to use in craftsmanship Various construction works called grinding stones or grinding machines. While the mechanic is popularly called a piglet, there are many sizes, including a 4-inch grinding wheel, a 7-inch grinding wheel and a 9-inch grinding wheel. active connect to the power cable There is a switch for on-off. 

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Including controlling the strength of the machine And the motor part, which will be connected to the cutting blade or grinding blade, round, flat and thin, the blade rotates according to the wattage of the machine. In order to have enough speed for grinding or cutting various types of construction materials such as wood, steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, PVC, ceramic tiles, stone, fiber cement sheets. It is also used to decorate the surface of the material.

      Here we will talk about a 4-inch grinding wheel that is compact, lightweight and works well even in confined spaces. which can be used in a variety of ways according to the characteristics of the leaves used are

      – Grinding discs for grinding machines It is a thicker blade than general cutting blades. Usually about 4 mm thick, used to remove the excess of the workpiece. But the work that has come out is quite rough, not much refinement.

  – Steel cutting discs for grinding machines. It’s a thin cutting blade. Can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, available in many types depending on the material used to make the blade, the thickness of the blade, single layer fiber or 2 layer fiber.

– Wood cutting blades for grinders It looks like a general saw blade with teeth. It will have both coarse teeth (small number of saw teeth) and fine teeth (Lots of saw teeth) If using fine teeth, will not cause the wood to split. Get smoother cuts, no burn marks, but will cut slowly and use the power of the saw. Coarse teeth can cut wood faster. But the cut is quite rough. Choosing a fine-toothed or coarse-toothed cutting blade must be selected to suit the type of wood and the nature of the workpiece to be cut.

– Cement cutting blades, tile cutting blades for grinding machines There are many variations. The first is a toothed blade. very popular Suitable for cutting stone and concrete who want fast cutting But the work that comes out will be rough. The second type is the frequent tooth blade. There are more flutes for milling than fluted teeth. Makes cutting more and faster The third type is a smooth-toothed blade. When used, the cut will be smooth and beautiful. Suitable for work that requires beauty, such as cutting marble, granite and tiles. Cutting speed depends on the quality of the diamond used to make the cutting blade.

– Polishing cup wire, sometimes called a cup brush It looks like a wavy wire. Similar to the pot scrubber used at home. Most often used for rust removal. because it destroys less work If used with a grinding machine that can adjust the speed, it will work better.

– sandpaper It’s a hard sheet. Often used to scrub with smooth work. polished to the desired shape

– Abrasive sanding discs stacked or stacked sand discs Used to condition the surface of workpieces in wood, steel and aluminum. divided into solid For work that requires polishing of high and soft workpieces, for work that requires polishing in small areas such as corners, polishing curves that require softness

– Glass grinding blades are used to remove glass edges. Chamfer the mirror and can also be used to grind cast iron, polish marble, and polish cement