Can Ata Kıraç, who was born on May 22, 1927 in the area of Ankara Etimesgut, whose name was Atatürk Forest Farm in those years, was Gazi M. In line with his father’s services in the field of ‘dry agriculture’. He was given this surname by Kemal. Kıraç, who is the son of an agricultural engineer father, also describes himself as ‘rewarded in two ways’ by taking his name from Atatürk. Kıraç, who spent his childhood period in the farm atmosphere of Eskişehir due to his father’s profession, has made his choice of university education in favor of the same field due to the influence of these years in which he is intertwined with the soil. having successfully completed his education at Galatasaray High School in 1946, Kıraç was eligible to enter Ankara University in 1950 and completed his undergraduate education at the Faculty of Agriculture, where he will be the president of the Turkish National Student Federation in the last two years.

Kıraç, who took the first step in his professional career within the Automotive Branch of Koç Trade Company located in Ankara in the same year as his graduation, started working here again with Bernar Nahum, who is a very famous business person. Can Ata Kıraç, who continued his literary studies in those years, was announced as a defendant on the grounds of inciting people to revolt as a result of his article written in an Ataturkist framework, while the calendars showed the year 1952. Successful and innovative work-life perspective, thanks to the rise of Turkish business people and popular amongst barren ongoing folding his career, he spent the 1960s as a board member of Izmir Chamber of Commerce in the year of planned mixed economy approach has undertaken advocacy. this press advocacy, which continued with the assembly industry in the 70s, was followed by the work within the scope of the committee that undertook the establishment of TUSIAD in the same period.

Between the years 1987-93 Vehbi Koç foundation of the membership of the board of Koc Holding AS IS a horse who can after 1968, among the partners of arid prior 1963 Automotive Group has begun to provide service. Can Kıraç, who has fit countless management and development achievements into his life, was invited to take a role in politics by Süleyman Demirel in 1991 due to his managerial identity, but the famous businessman turned down this offer. At the end of the same year, he announced his decision to leave Koç Group, where he had been serving in senior management positions for a very long period of 41 years.

Cana Ata Kıraç, who continued his retirement life in Çeşme by moving away from the environment he had integrated during his working life, lost his wife Inci Atav Kıraç at the same time. Can Kıraç, who has a daughter named Aslı Kıraç and a son named Ali Numan Kıraç, is also the father-in-law of Ebru Kıraç, the mother of his grandchildren Yasemin and Can Ata. In contrast to his business life, Can Kıraç, who continues his family life with calmness, rather maintains his place on the agenda with his artistic, especially literary achievements.

Cana Kıraç, whose life was closely examined with the 2017 printed books titled Cana Kıraç Antique Man and Can Kıraç Glove-Free Man written by Mehmet Gündem, was also entitled to receive the honorary doctor title from Eskişehir Osmangazi University in 2013. My boss Vehbi Koç has clearly shown with his bestseller book titled My Memories that business life is a stage of success intertwined with art life and that he is able to blend his experiences with a multifaceted perspective with his bestseller book named Vehbi Koç. While continuing to write different works, Kıraç, who devotes a lot of time to different fine art branches such as poetry and painting, continues to convey his ideas and memories through various conversations.