If you are looking for a way to advance your career, increase your salary, or switch to a different industry, an MBA might be the perfect choice for you. MBA colleges in Jaipur and other places in India can help you gain valuable skills, knowledge, and network that can open up new opportunities and possibilities for your professional growth.

In this blog post, we will explore why an MBA has become known as a career changer and how it can benefit you in the Indian context.

What is an MBA?

An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a postgraduate degree that covers various aspects of business management, such as finance, marketing, operations, strategy, and leadership. This is generally a two-year full-time or part-time program that requires you to complete a set of core courses and electives in different areas of business. Some MBA colleges in Jaipur and other parts of India also offer programs with specialisations or concentrations in specific fields, such as entrepreneurship, digital marketing, or social impact.

For more information about this career-changing course at Arya College, check out the table below.

Course Name Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Level Postgraduate
Mode Full-time, part-time, online, correspondence
Duration (for full-time) 2 years
Mode of Examination Semester System
Eligibility Criteria 50% in graduation
Common Entrance Exams CAT, MAT, NMAT, XAT, etc
Top Specialisations HR, IT, Marketing, Finance, Business Analytics, Operations and Supply Chain Management, etc.
Average Course Fee INR 5 – 18 Lakhs
Average Salary INR 11 LPA


Why MBA is Called Career Changer?

An MBA can help you develop a holistic understanding of how businesses operate and how to solve complex problems in the real world. Some of the benefits of getting this degree from MBA colleges in Jaipur are:

It Enhances Your Career Prospects and Earning Potential

According to a survey, the average salary of MBA graduates in India was Rs. 25.9 lakh per annum in 2020, which was 122% higher than their pre-MBA salary. Getting an MBA from any of the MBA colleges with best placements can also help you climb the corporate ladder faster and access senior-level positions that require advanced skills and qualifications.

It Helps You Switch to a Different Industry or Function

An MBA can give you the flexibility and versatility to explore new domains and sectors that interest you. For example, if you have a background in engineering and want to transition to consulting, an MBA can help you acquire the relevant knowledge and skills to make the switch. An MBA from MBA colleges in Jaipur can also help you gain exposure to different industries and functions through internships, projects, case studies, and guest lectures.

It Helps Expand Your Network

An MBA can provide you with the opportunity to interact with diverse and talented peers, faculty, alumni, and industry experts who can offer you valuable insights, feedback, and guidance. You can also leverage your network at the best government and private colleges in India to find mentors, partners, investors, or employers who can support your career goals and aspirations.

It Develops Your Personal and Professional Skills

An MBA from government and private MBA colleges in Jaipur and other Indian cities can challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and learn new things every day. You can also improve your communication, teamwork, leadership, creativity, and analytical skills through various activities and assignments. An MBA can also help you cultivate a growth mindset and a lifelong learning attitude that can help you adapt to changing situations and opportunities.

How to Choose the Right MBA Program?

If you are interested in pursuing an MBA at MBA colleges in Jaipur or other parts of India for a career change, you need to consider several factors to choose the right program for you. Some of these factors are your:

Career Objectives and Interests

You need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve from your MBA and how it aligns with your passion and purpose. Research the market demand and scope for your desired industry or function and how an MBA can help you enter or excel in it.

Academic Background and Work Experience

Assess your current level of knowledge and skills and identify the gaps that an MBA can fill. Also, evaluate your academic performance and work achievements and how they reflect your potential and readiness for MBA colleges in Jaipur.

Budget and Financial Resources

Calculate the total cost of pursuing an MBA, including tuition fees, living expenses, travel costs, and opportunity costs. MBAs aren’t cheap by any means, so you also need to explore the various sources of funding available for MBA students, such as scholarships, loans, grants, or sponsorships, or look for MBA colleges in Jaipur with low fees.

Preferred Location and Culture

You need to decide whether you want to pursue an MBA in India or abroad and how it will affect your career prospects and personal preferences. You also need to consider the cultural fit and diversity of the MBA program, whether you choose MBA colleges in Rajasthan or in a foreign country as it will impact your learning experience and network.


An MBA is a powerful tool that can help you transform your career and achieve your professional dreams. However, it is not a magic bullet that will guarantee success overnight. Be prepared to invest your time, money, and effort into making the most of your journey at MBA colleges in Jaipur or elsewhere. You also need to be flexible and adaptable to cope with the challenges and uncertainties that may arise along the way. With all of these things taken care of, you’ll be ready to take the plunge into an MBA as a career changer!


1. Which entrance exam does Arya College require for MBA?

Arya College does not require you to sit for or clear any entrance exam to be eligible for their MBA programs. All you need to do is meet the merit criteria. That said, having a scorecard of any of the common MBA entrance exams won’t hurt your chances either.

2. What are some of the companies that hire MBA graduates from Arya College?

Some of the companies that hire MBA graduates from Arya College are Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Infosys, Deloitte, PwC, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Reliance Industries, etc.

3. What does my salary after my MBA depend on?

The salary that you draw after completing your MBA depends on a lot of factors, like your educational background, work experience, job role, recruiter, location, industry, MBA specialisation, etc.

4. Which is the best MBA specialisation?

The best MBA specialisation for a person depends on their needs and requirements from the degree and hence is pretty subjective.